Tubal Reversal Testimonial Tomball Texas – Amber Witwen

second Tubal Reversal baby for Amber Witwen of Tomball Texas

I wanted to share the news of our 2nd tubal reversal baby born on October 28th at 9:19 am weighing 7 lbs, 8 oz and 19.5 inches long, Logan Lee Witwen.

We had our first TR son, Parker David Witwen, Aug. 7th 2011, he is already in the testimonials. Our reversal was done 6-1-2010. Our family is now officially complete as this is my fifth and my hubby’s 2nd.

I had a C-section and had my tubes retied, the doctor commented on what a good job Dr.Rosenfeld had done while looking at my tubes. I would say so as this was my third pregnancy in three years since the TR, first was a miscarriage. We are eternally grateful to you, Dr. Rosenfeld and staff, for our beautiful, precious boys thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Amber Witwen
Tomball, TX

UPDATE: Facebook, November 2021

I had my tubes tied for 10 years prior to having my TR with Dr. Rosenfeld in June of 2010. I actually got pregnant within a a couple weeks of my surgery (a little too soon if you ask the doctor). Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage in the 3rd month. I got pregnant again after only one period after having a D&C performed. That one stuck.

Below is a picture of Parker now 10 years old, born 8-7-11.

We then knowing how absolutely fertile I was had to be careful not to get pregnant again so quickly. LOL  We then planned again to conceive are second TR baby which also happened in 1 try…oh my!

Logan just turned 8 on 10-28-21. Our family was then complete so I had my tubes retied at his birth in 2013.

Fortunately, 1 year later I had to have a hysterectomy due to fibroid and a thickened uterus. I say fortunately because my husband often mentioned wishing hopes for a girl as well. No thank you! This is 5 kids for me, sir. I am all done!!

Thank you again, Dr. Rosenfeld and staff. I have recommended him to others throughout the years. I know of at least one other person I introduced to him who had the same procedure who was also successful in having another child. Thank God for you guys!!

Amber Witwen
Spring, TX

amber witwen's two tubal reversal babies are now eight and 10 years old
amber witwen's second tubal reversal baby is now eight positng with his birthday cannoli