August 21, 2017


April Gonzales – Over 40 Tubal Reversal Testimonial

Last updated : 28 July 2017

april gonzales shares her ultrasound as a baby announcement

UPDATE: July 2017
Baby Daniel is Born!

tr-baby daniel gonazales

april gonzales' is proud of her tr baby daniel


Tubal Reversal Baby Announcement from Corpus Christi

Last updated : 16 August 2017

I am 37 and I had my tubal ligation after my son was born in 2012. I immediately felt sad and began to regret the drastic decision I  had made; however, I accepted it.

Then I met my guy when my son was 2 years old and he stepped in and became the father my son never had. He never had any children of his own, but wanted a large family. So we began saving and hoping that we could get the [tubal ligation] surgery reversed and also that it would be successful.

Once the money was saved we began researching and found Dr. Rosenfeld. After reading the testimonials and seeing his success rate, I knew this was where I was meant to go and the person who I was meant to have perform the surgery. I am so grateful to him and his staff. I had the surgery on Feb 7, 2017, and after healing we conceived our very first try.

I am now 3 months pregnant and excited for our miracle to arrive February 2018. Thank you to the entire support staff and the miracle worker, Dr. Rosenfeld.

Taryn Pond
Corpus Christi, TX

Shayna Brewer – Tubal Reversal from Denton, Texas

Last updated : 13 July 2017

My experience with Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff was amazing. They were very professional and cared about my health first before we made any decision. They kept in constant contact before and after the surgery. I’m so happy that he made our dreams come true.

Had my tubal reversal surgery on 08/16/2016 and now I have my baby girl Genesis Brewer.

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Travonya McBride – Tubal Reversal from Dallas, Texas

Last updated : 13 July 2017

I cannot thank Dr. Rosenfeld and his team enough for giving me and my family a second chance on having a baby. Dr. Rosenfeld team is awesome. I became pregnant in July 2016 after my reversal in April 2016. Had to have surgery in August 2016 because it was a tubal pregnancy. Was pregnant again in October and this time God blessed us with a little girl (Kennedy Cudjoe) in June 13th, 2017.

Ladies don’t ever think that because your tubes are tied there is no hope because there is and Dr. Rosenfeld and his team proved it to me. Their price is affordable and they don’t have hidden fees like most places I called. Thank you guys so much.

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Alayna Sepulveda | My Tubal Reversal Story

Last updated : 13 July 2017

From Alayna from a Facebook message, 3/12/17:
Hello. 2-1/2 years later I am finally expecting. Just found out yesterday that it’s a GIRL. Please let Dr R know that we are thrilled and even though we endured 7, YES seven, losses in the 2 years of TTC. Once we stopped trying, it just happened. Another testimony for Dr Rosenfeld. 😊 She’s due in 5 months and she’s healthy. Praise God!! You’re welcome to share this on FB! I’m thankful and blessed to be another one of his success stories. Here is 10 weeks photo (at left)!

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TR Baby Announcement | Teresa Poole

I just wanted to share the news of us finally getting our baby. I had my reversal two years ago and went through many miscarriages and surgeries, but we never lost hope …on March 29 we gave birth to a little boy, Luke Desmond Poole, 9 lbs, 8 oz.

Teresa Cortez Poole

Amanda Rodgers – Victoria, Texas

Last updated : 5 July 2017

Thank you, Dr Rosenfeld & staff, for our TR rainbow miracle! Meet Jessa Marie Rodgers, born 1/28/17!! We can’t THANK you enough!! We are so in love!!

Tubal Reversal performed 4/13/15; began trying to conceive 7/2015. We were pregnant within 6 months of trying to conceive. Unfortunately, we suffered a miscarriage. 5 months later we were pregnant again, this time with our sweet Jessa! With much prayer, Dr. Rosenfeld was truly God sent!

“Jessa’s onesie says it all!!”

Carla Bisong – Tubal Reversal in Houston, Texas

Last updated : 5 July 2017

My husband and I were pleasantly surprised that we were pregnant almost immediately after the procedure. We waited the recommended six weeks to heal and started trying. I had my surgery on 04/11/14 and became pregnant two months after trying.  Our daughter Jasmine Bisong will be two years old next month.

I recommend Dr. Rosenfeld to everyone.




Jamie Rios – Tubal Reversal from Humble, Texas

Last updated : 10 April 2017

I had my tubal reversal surgery on 03-06-2014. My experience was amazing and the staff very caring. Here is a picture of Jacob Martinez.


Paula Wilenzick – Tubal Reversal from Pond Creek, Oklahoma

Last updated : 18 April 2017

Dr. Rosenfeld was very nice, talked to us in words we understood. He was very honest about everything, even the percentage of the chances we would have to have a baby. His staff was very helpful before during and even after the procedure.

So glad we heard about him. I had my tubal reversal on 01/27/2014 and delivered Samantha Wilenzick on 02/09/2015. [Read more…]

Judy Guzman Moreno – Tubal Reversal from Midland, TX

Last updated : 10 April 2017

Had Micro-surgical Tubal Reversal on 08/31/2013 and Paislee Isabella Moreno was born June 26, 2014. [Read more…]

Margarita Alvarez – Tubal Reversal from Raton, New Mexico

Last updated : 18 April 2017

Had a tubal reversal surgery on 03/20/2013 and we welcomed Esmeralda Mireya Alvarez on July 30th,2014 at 4 lbs. 13 oz and 18 inches. And now we are expecting our 2nd TR baby in July 2017!


DiAnna Mendoza – Tubal Reversal Hereford, Texas

Last updated : 5 July 2017

My experience with Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff was no other than AMAZING! From the moment I talked to them on the phone for the first time in 2013 to my surgery in 2015. They were awesome. Even after years they still call and checkup on us. [Read more…]

Sharon Gracy – Tubal Reversal from Sherman, TX

Last updated : 18 April 2017

Just wanted to stop by and thank Dr. Rosenfeld. we are currently expecting TR baby #2 since having surgery in April 2013.

This is our 4th pregnancy since having surgery, but we have had 2 miscarriages. We are expecting another girl and she is due in September. We can’t thank your office enough for such an amazing experience.

Here is our 1st TR baby who is now 2.

Alissa Nielsen – Tubal Reversal from Muskegon, Michigan

Last updated : 29 March 2017

Tubal reversal miracle – Baby Flynn born 7/24/15. 6 lbs 19 in. Thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld!