First Surgical Hospital

First Surgical Hospital

General Information

Day surgery at First Surgical Hospital (previously named First Street Surgical Center) offers you the advantage of easy access, reduced cost and efficient, personalized care in a pleasant atmosphere. You are able to have surgery and return to the comfort of home (or hotel if you are not living in the Houston area) the same day.

The Center is a member of the Federation of Ambulatory Surgery Association, (FASA), Medicare certified, and is approved for reimbursement by most private insurance companies. First Surgical Hospital maintains four modern operating suites, post-operative recovery areas, highly trained personnel, and the latest in medical equipment and supplies. Each staff member is personally committed to ensuring that your experience at the hospital is a positive one.

first surgical hospital where doctor bernard rosenfeld performs microsurgical tubal reversals in houston


A wide variety of surgical services are offered at First Surgical Hospital, including:

  • General Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Pain Management
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Orthopedics



Before Surgery

If pre-operative diagnostic studies are needed, Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff will order them prior to your surgery. Should you have questions or concerns, feel free to call us.

For your safety and comfort

  • DO NOT EAT OR DRINK (this includes drinking water and chewing gum) after midnight the night before surgery. Your surgery will be postponed if you ignore this precaution.
  • Bathe or shower on the morning of surgery to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Brush your teeth on the morning of surgery but DO NOT SWALLOW ANY WATER.
  • DO NOT CONSUME ALCOHOL 24 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR SURGERY. REFRAIN FROM SMOKING 12 HOURS PRIOR TO SURGERY. These substances can cause you to have adverse reactions to anesthesia and medications.
  • WEAR LOOSE, COMFORTABLE CLOTHING and low-heeled shoes.
  • Remove CONTACT LENSES as they may not be worn into surgery. Either leave them at home or bring a case for their safekeeping.
  • HEALTH CHANGES should be reported immediately to your surgeon, even if the changes seem minor, such as fever, cough, rash, or a cold. Please notify Dr. Rosenfeld’s staff if there is a possibility that you are pregnant.
  • BRING TWO COMPLETED INSURANCE FORMS with you the day of surgery, as well as all x-rays and forms that Dr. Rosenfeld’s staff may have requested.
  • ARRANGE FOR A RESPONSIBLE ADULT TO DRIVE YOU HOME AND STAY WITH YOU FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS FOLLOWING SURGERY. The effects of anesthesia and sedation will make you drowsy for that period of time.
  • ARRIVE ONE-HOUR PRIOR TO SURGERY so that your surgery may begin as scheduled.
  • Note that the hospital may require a COVID PCR test from patients, please check with our office about that requirement.

After Surgery

After leaving the surgery suite, you will be moved to a recovery area where nurses will care for you until you are awake and comfortable. Prior to leaving the hospital, you will be transferred to a recovery area where your family member or friend may join you. As soon as your condition is stable and you have a responsible adult to drive you home, you will be discharged. Make arrangements in advance for your transportation home.

We will call you at home the day after surgery to check on your recovery. If we are unable to reach you within 48 hours, you will be mailed a post-operative questionnaire to complete and return.

For your well-being, we recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before you:

  • Drive or use power equipment
  • Eat a heavy meal
  • Consume alcoholic beverages
  • Take medication not approved by your physician
  • Sign important papers or make important decisions
  • Stay by yourself

Any problems following surgery should be reported to Dr. Rosenfeld’s office.


First Surgical Hospital
4801 Bissonnet Street
Bellaire, TX 77401