Tubal Reversal Testimonials

Choosing the right a Tubal Reversal surgeon can be one of the most important decisions in your life. Our patients travel from all parts of the country for the best chance to get pregnant again.  Please read all our testimonials and email our patients. They love to give other women hope.

Tubal Reversal Review from Rockford, Illinois

I was referred to Dr. Rosenfeld by a friend who had surgery with Dr. Rosenfeld and was successful. Everyone in the office was very helpful. They treated me like family and helped me every single time I called the office with a concern.

The day before the surgery, I had a short pre-surgery consultation and Dr. Rosenfeld was wonderful. It’s amazing how he helps women all around the country get their tubal ligation surgery reversed.

Recovery was quick with very minimal pain. My daughter, Mia, is 6 years old now.

Christina Marie Wilkins
Rockford, Illinois
Email Me: crazyloca1979@gmail.com

Shauna R Luna – Casper, Wyoming

Shauna R Luna – Tubal Reversal Casper, WyomingHad my reversal surgery on Feb. 13th, 2015, and a positive pregnancy test in September of the same year.

On May 13th, 2015, gave birth (via C-section) to a healthy baby boy, Abel Joe at 5 lbs 14 oz, 18 1/4 in. Dr. Vignarie [my ob/gyn who delivered my baby] was very impressed with how clean and intact the tubes were from the reversal.

Shauna Luna
Casper, Wyoming

Holly Barry – Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Holly Barry from Pawtucket, Rhode Island shares her ultrasound of her tubal reversal pregnancyDr. Rosenfeld’s team was awesome!!I had my Tubal reversal surgery on 03/17/2016. Thank you, we just found out it’s a boy! J’al Alvira. We are beyond thrilled!! Thanks to your team and the doctor. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. They treated me with respect and compassion. They made my dreams come true! A true miracle worker! God bless and merry Xmas!!!

Holly Barry
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Contact me at jonasgyrl10@gmail.com.

Essure Tubal Reversal Testimonial | Aladdin, Wyoming

Dear Dr. Rosenfeld and Staff,

Christi Marchant – Essure Reversal TestimonialMy husband and I are from Aladdin, WY. In January of 2013, our third child, a beautiful baby girl, was born perfect and healthy. We couldn’t have been happier; our family of five felt perfect and complete. A few months down the road, as we were considering birth control options, the doctor informed us about Essure. This non-surgical, non-hormone, cost effective option seemed perfect. We went ahead with it, never imagining that there would ever be any reason to make us reconsider. Why would we when our little family was just right, and we were so happy?

A little over a year later on September 9, 2014, our perfect baby girl left us to walk with Jesus. With very little warning or symptoms, her appendix burst and her tiny body succumbed to sepsis very quickly. The doctors and staff worked so hard to help her, but our little angel flew to heaven. I can tell you there is nothing worse than losing a child. It hurts so badly that it truly feels as though your heart is breaking.

After several months, our boys began to question us about having another baby. The thought of a new precious miracle in our lives grew in our hearts quickly, and we began to look at what our options were. When I had gotten the Essure, the doctor had been very specific that it could not be reversed. With our first phone calls, we were told our only option was in vitro fertilization (IVF). As we researched that, it just didn’t seem like a great option for us. However, I stumbled on a website that advertised actual reversal of the Essure, and we were so excited! Within a short period, we had narrowed our doctor down to you, and your staff was able to work with me and schedule us in quite quickly.

In April of 2015, we were on your doorstep, hoping for a successful surgery and that a 35% chance of conception would be enough. We are so thrilled to write this letter and tell you THANK YOU!

Because of all of your dedication and hard work, we are expecting a baby girl on July 6! My C-section is tentatively scheduled for one week before her due date. We’ve just had our anatomy scan, and she is perfect. A baby is a blessing any time, but this baby had come at a time when we really needed some joy in our lives. Our boys are really planning all the things they will teach her and how they will take care of her.We miss our sweet, sassy little Reese every minute of every day. She left a never-ending ache in our hearts and an empty spot in our lives. However, you all worked together to provide our family with the opportunity for new hope in our lives, and we are ever so grateful for that. We just can’t thank you enough. We’ll send a photo after she’s born! May God bless you all.

Christi Marchant
Aladdin, Wyoming
Connect with me! christimarchant@gmail.com.

UPDATE: See the latest TR baby testimonial from Christi Marchant, where, as promised, she sent a photo of her TR baby.

Tubal Reversal Success from Cortez, Colorado

I chose Dr. Rosenfeld because I know several people who went to him and had good success having another baby.

My experience with Dr. Rosenfeld was amazing. He was very honest and did such a great job answering all my questions. Post-op pain was minimal!

His staff was warm and welcoming and so understanding! I got pregnant with a healthy baby girl month 2 of trying. I had her 3 days shy of my one year tubal reversal anniversary! Thank you, Dr Rosenfeld!!

Shannon Jennings
Cortez, Colorado

Email me at shannonjennings1692@gmail.com.

Tubal Reversal Baby - Cortez Colorado

Essure Reversal: Successful Pregnancy in 40 Yr Old Patient

at age 40 with only a 10% chance of conceiving, sarah blood had tubal reversal baby after essure reversalPatient came from Utah to Dr. Rosenfeld in Houston for Tubal Reversal

Hi! Dr. Rosenfeld did an Essure reversal on me last year (10/19/17). We delivered a healthy baby girl on 11/19/18.

With my age (I just turned 40) and it being an Essure reversal, he told us maybe a 10% chance of conception. We found out we were expecting 5½ months after the reversal.  She is our 6th child.

Just wanted to pass along.

Sarah Blood
Wellsville, Utah

So Blessed…3 TR Babies

pixie kissler's 3 tubal reversal babies

I had tubes tied 2-17-04. Then my TR on 10-15-13.

TR baby #1 born 11-24-14, TR baby #2 born 5-11-17, and TR baby #3 born 8-20-18.

I am so blessed with all my children.

I now have 5 kids total.

Pixie Kissler
Drumright, Oklahoma

pixie kissler and husband with their 2 tubal reversal babies and older daugher with doctor rosenfeld in his office

In Dr. Rosenfeld’s office after my TR baby #2.

Heather & Gio Modesto – TR Patient from Van Buren, Arkansas

the modesto family shares picture of their 2 TR baby girls and the ultrasound of the TR boy on his wayI have had 2 tubal reversal girls and I am having my tubal reversal boy in December 2017. I had my surgery in July 15, 2014. After this one, we are done. Thank you so much, Dr. Rosenfeld, we were able to help complete our family.

Thank you, we are forever grateful.

Heather & Gio Modesto
Van Buren, Arkansas

UPDATE December 2017: TR baby #3 is here and sitting with Santa along with his big sisters. See pics of these TR babies with Santa.

Amanda Fay Albright’s 2 Tubal Reversal Babies

newborn picture of amanda fay albright' first tubal reversal baby girl swaddled in blue wearing a blue flower and placed in a basket
newborn picture of amanda fay albright' second tubal reversal baby boy wearing a baseball cap holding a football

I had my tubes tied after my 2nd daughter in 2007 when I was only 21.

I had my reversal done in 2016 and was pregnant 6 months later with my little girl. She arrived in August of 2017.

I quit my job and stayed home with her until she was 15 months and went back to work. The day I started back to work I found out we were expecting again!

This time we had a baby boy in August 2019. We are so thankful for all he did for us and how amazing and honest they were with us.

I highly recommend Dr. Rosenfeld! Our family is forever grateful for him and his staff.

Amanda Fay Albright
Edmond, Oklahoma


Just wanted to show y’all an update on our two tubal reversal babies and how big they have gotten! We are so thankful for Dr. Rosenfeld

Amanda Fay Albright
Edmond, OK

amanda fay albright's 2 tubal reversal-babies growing up

Crystal Williams’ 2 TR Babies

crystal williams' 2 tubal reversal babies playing

Had my TR on 10/9/2014.

Gave birth to my little boy 11/3/2016.

And had my little girl 1/25/2018.

Liliana Hernandez
West Monroe, Louisiana

4 TR Babies for Tania from Pennsylvania

tania cintron's 4 tubal reveresal babies born 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021

I’m reaching out to you now to let you know that I just had another baby!

I am so happy to announce that at 39 years of age, I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl on Oct0ber 29, 2021.

My tubal reversal surgery was done back in 2014. We conceived TR baby #4 after only 1 month of semi-trying.

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld, for my 2 sons and 2 daughters! I definitely got my money’s worth, LOL!

Tania Cintron
Tannersville, Pennsylvania

See Tania’s 2014 testimonial about why she chose Dr. Rosenfeld, her tubal reversal surgery and recovery, getting pregnant, and birth of her first TR baby.)

UPDATE JANUARY 2019: My 3 TR babies

The Jeters of Norman, Oklahoma Announce TR Pregnancy

ultrasound of tubal reversal baby of mariah and grant of norman ok

Mariah and I are so thankful for the outstanding service you have provided for our family.

We are pleased to announce that we are expecting November 19, 2019.

We couldn’t have asked for a better TR surgeon and staff.

Grant Jeter
Norman, OK


After having my tubes tied for over 5 years, I came to Dr. Rosenfeld to have my tubes reversed in January of 2019. Two months after my tubal reversal, my husband, Grant Jeter, and I found out we were expecting.

On November 12, 2019, I gave birth via Caesarean section to a beautiful, healthy baby boy Ragan Chanler Jeter.

Grant and I would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Dr. Rosenfeld and staff. Without you none of this would have been possible. We will forever cherish the blessing you have given our family.

Mariah Jeter
Norman, OK

TR Baby #2 is on the way…a year after #1!

Mariah and I are pleased to announce that we are expecting our second TR baby in November. Mariah had her TR January 13, 2019, and had first TR baby on November 12, 2019. Now we are expecting #2. We can’t thank you enough.

Grant Jeter
Norman, Oklahoma

Alissa Nielsen – Tubal Reversal from Muskegon, Michigan

Alissa Nielsen' Tubal Reversal baby from Muskegon, MichiganTubal reversal miracle – Baby Flynn born 7/24/15. 6 lbs 19 in.

Thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld!

Alissa Nielsen
Muskegon, Michigan

Nicole King Has 4th Baby Boy!

tubal reversal baby boy makes 4 sons for nicole king

I had my tubal reversal from y’all years back.

And finally had my 4th baby boy to join us!!!!

Nicole King
Tyler, TX

Sandra’s 4-Year Wait for TR Baby

sandra portillo's 2-month old tubal reversal baby sleeping in a car seat

Quiero compartir mi bebe cumpliendo 2 meses.

Gracias al doctor Rosenfeld y su equipo. Fue hecho realidad nuestro sueño de ser padres nuevamente después de 17 años de tubos atados.

Mi reversion fue en Octubre 2018.

Mi bebé nació en Septiembre 2022.

Sandra Portillo
Houston, Texas

English translation:

I want to share my baby turning 2 months old.

Thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld and his team. It was our dream come true to be parents again after 17 years of tied tubes.

My reversal was in October 2018.

My baby was born in September 2022.

Sandra Portillo
Houston, Texas

TR Baby Arrives After a Long Wait

codie wolf flew from illinois to texas for her tubal reversal and 4 years later she has her first tubal reversal baby

FACEBOOK Update, January 2021:

We flew to Texas from Illinois in 2016!

We got pregnant multiple times! They ended in miscarriages!

For almost 2 years, I didn’t become pregnant again! Then out of nowhere I got a positive test and kept getting them!

We welcomed our tubal reversal rainbow baby on November 30, 2020!

Don’t lose hope! 🙏💖👣

Codie Wolf
Roscoe, Illinois

Tubal Reversal New Mexico Testimonial – Kari Martin

tr baby boy born to the martins of lovington new mexicoDear Dr. Rosenfeld & Staff,

Thank you so much for providing me with a successful tubal reversal in March 2012. I have a beautiful baby boy now and I’m truly grateful. Everything went better than expected and I highly recommend your office. Meet Case Martin born 12/21/13!

I would love to share my story with anyone and I welcome any emails from prospective patients or doctors.

Thank you,

Todd & Kari Martin
Lovington, New Mexico
Email me at Karid8070@gmail.com.

See the Martins’ tubal reversal baby pregnancy announcement.

Tubal Reversal Testimonial Email From Staten Island, New York

Tubal Reversal Testimonial From patient in Staten Island, New York

Dear Dr. Rosenfeld (and Staff),

I happily write this to inform you of the birth of our son, Jedidiah Cintron, born on Sept. 28, 2015.

If not for you and your staff, he would not be here. I thank God for you as you helped us not only have another child, but have our first son. We have three beautiful daughters and felt our family was complete. I had a tubal ligation, where my tubes were cut and the ends burnt in November 2011. A few months later, my husband and I both deeply regretted our decision and desired more children. We were at a loss and thought we would just have to live with this regret.

As the years past, we researched in-vitro fertilization and adoption. But the more we researched, the more we realized that the costs were far too high and had low success rates. I researched tubal reversals online, and the majority of the information was negative. Living in NYC, I thought, for sure, there would be plenty of doctors with high success rates in tubal reversals. I was wrong. I called several fertility specialists in NYC, even if they performed the procedure they did not recommend it. I was repeatedly told that the success rates were very low, and each practice recommended IVF.

So I began researching tubal reversal doctors online. A few names kept popping up with positive reviews, but all were out of state. I had phone consultations with 3 of biggest names in tubal reversal procedures. The doctors were all nice, but Dr. Rosenfeld was the farthest away. Despite this, I chose Dr. Rosenfeld. I chose Dr. Rosenfeld because I felt he was the best. Not only did I feel the most comfortable with him, but he also had the highest success rate, offered the best pain management, used the finest sutures, and did not use staples.

I also choose Dr. Rosenfeld because he said he would use my C-section scar to perform the surgery. I’ve had three C-sections, and one doctor told me because of this he would have to make a vertical incision on my abdomen. I was very relieved when Dr. Rosenfeld said that was unnecessary and that he would not do that to me. Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were awesome. The nurse who performed my pre-op appointment was very personable and animated. She said I would have a boy! She explained everything so thoroughly and made my husband and I so excited to have this surgery.

I had my tubal reversal on July 2, 2014. The surgery went well. I had very little pain afterward. Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff had told me to stay mobile and not spend a lot of time lying down because it would help with my recovery. They were right! The very next day, I went out shopping at an outlet mall. I did lots of walking and standing, but felt very little pain. I did not need to take any oral pain killers past the first day, because of the pain medication that Dr. Rosenfeld injected at the incision site.

I went home [to New York from Houston] a couple of days after the surgery and had no problems taking care of my daughters. Dr. Rosenfeld had told us to wait two menstrual cycles before trying to conceive, but we waited three cycles. Because, we had three young children and led very busy lives, we were not good about timing my cycle or actively trying. Despite this, we managed to conceive in December 2014, just 2 and half months after we started trying.

Our son was born on Sept. 28, 2015. We couldn’t be happier. We know God gave us our son, but we thank God for Dr. Rosenfeld who helped make it possible.


Tania Cintron
Staten Island, NY
Email me at cintronclan@gmail.com.

[UPDATE JANUARY 2019: Since Tania wrote the letter above, she has had 2 more TR babies. See pictures of her 3 TR babies who now live in Pennsylvania.]

[UPDATE NOVEMBER 2021: TR baby #4 is here!]

Tania from Pennsylvania: Our 3rd TR Baby is Born!

3 tubal reversal babies of tania marie's of pennsylvaniaLast week, our 3rd tubal reversal baby was born.

Here is a picture of our baby girl and updated pics of her big brothers.

They wouldn’t be here if not for Dr. Rosenfeld and his magic hands. A big thank you to Dr. R!

(TR was on July 2, 2014. See Tania’s testimonial about why she chose Dr. Rosenfeld, her tubal reversal surgery and recovery, getting pregnant, and birth of her first TR baby.)

Tania Cintron
Tannersville, Pennsylvania


UPDATE NOVEMBER 2021: TR baby #4 is here!

Katie Hawkins – Moscow, Idaho

beautiful tubal reversal baby girl of katie hawkins of moscow idahoDear Dr. Rosenfeld & Staff,

After many, many months of research, my husband and I traveled to Houston to see you for a tubal reversal. My reversal was done in November of 2014. My husband and I weren’t looking to add to our family at that time, we just wanted to have the ability to do so in the future. We got pregnant on the second cycle of trying!

tubal reversal baby of Katie Hawkins of Moscow, IdahoAfter a 28 weeks of pregnancy bliss, my water broke prematurely. On November 1, 2016 at 30w2d, we welcomed our first baby girl into the world. She spent 66 days in the NICU feeding & growing. She joined her 3 older brothers at home 2 days before her January 8, 2017, due date. THANK YOU for everything!!! We are beyond blessed by this little girl and we will be forever grateful and thankful for your skill and expertise. And of course, pictures are attached!

Katie Hawkins
Moscow, Idaho
Contact me at kph7569@gmail.com.

Tubal Reversal Success Story from Lexington Nebraska

tera contreras of nebraska announces birth of tubal reversal baby born in october 2018

After months of researching about tubal reversal options, we made a great choice by seeing Dr. Rosenfeld.

I was nervous due to being out of state, but his staff made the process easy and they were only a phone call away.  I had the surgery done in November of 2017 and in October of 2018 we welcomed a baby girl, Nayeli Contreras.

This experience has been great!

Tera Contreras
Lexington, Nebraska
Email me at tcontreras04@yahoo.com

Tubal Reversal Alaska – Ivy Lloyd

Tubal Reversal baby from Ivy Lloyd of Alaska
We found Dr. Rosenfeld online and could not be happier that we did. After our consultation at his office, we felt very accommodated and reassured by his words. He did a fantastic job and made the scar very tiny.

It took us only six months to conceive and we are forever thankful! The On-Q pain pump* was amazing, and helped me have a comfortable, pain free recovery. The professional and friendly environment was very reassuring and we could not have fathomed what we received.

Dr. Rosenfeld is amazing and I recommend him to all!

Ivy Lloyd
Soldotna, Alaska

*NOTE: Dr. Rosenfeld now uses Exparel for pain management.

Shawnta Brawley, Tubal Reversal Patient – Ogden, Kansas

My tubal reversal surgery was wonderful, smooth, and I experienced no complications. Dr. Rosenfeld was gentle, caring, and did a great job; especially because I had zero pain with his On-Q pain pump. His staff was very nice and honest. I am hopeful to being pregnant soon! Knowing the possibility is open again is worth every penny.

Shawnta Brawley
Ogden, Kansas
Contact me at brwneydtaurus@hotmail.com.

Tubal Reversal from Dimmitt TX

Once the secretary answered the phone, I knew I was at the right place. All the staff are extremely helpful and make you feel like family once they talk to you over the phone. Dr. Rosenfeld’s price is very reasonable for the outstanding job he and his staff provide.

The best experience I could have ever had was with Dr Rosenfeld. Being a mother for the 5th time was the best thing that could ever have happened to our family.

Thanks to my tubal reversal we expanded our family to 6 now. We have our 3 year old and just had a newborn about 1 week old.

So, yes, if you are planning a tubal reversal, let me tell y’all Dr. Rosenfeld is the doctor to go to.

Dyelan & Karali Garcia-Lugo

Email us at latejanitaplayette@gmail.com.

newborn baby from dimmitt texas born after tubal reversal with doctor rosenfeld

Touching Tubal Reversal Testimonial – Pregnant on the 1st Try!

kelly calle mazal shares a picture of her tubal reversal baby girlDr. Rosenfeld and caring staff:

It is with pure joy and great love that I get to introduce you to my precious baby gem, Gracelyn Elisabeth Mazal. I waited 6 months to start trying and I got pregnant on the first try!!!!!! Did I mention that I’m 36!!

Following the death of my 3-year-old son, I was heartbroken and desperately wanted to have another baby. I am beyond grateful for the expertise and professionalism of Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff. My experience was top-notch and I would recommend this amazing tubal reversal doctor to anyone across the country.

If you have any questions, please contact me personally at kacalle@yahoo.com.

kelly calle mazal shares a picture of her tubal reversal baby gracelyn with santa during christmas-2017

Thank You!!

Kelly Calle Mazal
Austin, TX

Kelly shared tubal reversal baby, Gracelyn’s, first swim pictures.

Kelly shared her tubal reversal baby, Gracelyn’s, first Thanksgiving photos.

Kelly shared a new picture of Gracelyn…with Santa! (at right).

kelly calle mazal tubal baby sleeping on plane headed to the virgin islands for thanksgiving

My TR baby, Gracelyn Mazal, flying to the Virgin Islands to celebrate Thanksgiving (picture at left).

Tubal Reversal Baby #4 On Its Way!

UPDATE MARCH 2019: Facebook Messenger

Here are my 3 TR babies.

They can’t believe I’m having my #4 ❤

You all were a blessing to my family.

Heather Modesto
Van Buren, Arkansas

Here are more pics of these 3 tubal reversal babies!

3 tubal reversal of heather modesto of van buren arkansas after her surgery with dr rosenfeld in 2014
heather modesto's ultrasound of her fourth tubal reversal baby on its way


That’s my tubal reversal baby #4.

Ty she was born 6 weeks early and shes stillwas in the NICU…but she’s doing great.

Heather Modesto
Van Buren, Arkansas

heather modesto of van buren arkansas and her fourth tubal reversal baby
heather modesto of van buren arkansas had her fourth tubal reversal baby


Here’s all 4 of my TR babies.

Surgery was July 15, 2014. I never had any miscarriages or tubal blockages.

You guys are amazing. My friend, Alisha, is there today getting her tubal reversal surgery

Heather Modesto
Van Buren, AR

4 tubal reversal babies of heather modesto of van buren arkansas wtih their easter baskets

The Maltos from California Announce TR Pregnancy

tubal reversal patient, amanda maltos, announces pregnancy with her ultrasound

I couldn’t have gone to a more caring, informative, and skilled surgeon!

After tying my tubes in 2014, I lost all hope when my husband and I chose to add to the family we blended together.

We traveled across the country [from California] in October of 2018 and had our reversal!

Our first month trying to conceive (December 2018), we were successful!

We are eternally grateful to Dr. Rosenfeld and his entire staff for giving us the gift of creating a sweet little miracle!

Amanda Maltos


Hello! We just wanted to update you as to our journey to a TR baby.

We came from Southern CA to have our reversal done by Dr. Rosenfeld. We had our surgery October 10, 2018, and in December of 2018 (our first cycle trying) we got pregnant.

On August 12, 2019, we welcomed our sweet baby, Lincoln. to the world.

He is a true miracle and none of our dreams would have come true without the help of Dr. Rosenfeld and the team!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Amanda Maltos

amanda maltos' tubal reversal baby girl born after microtubal reversal with dr rosenfeld

Tubal Reversal Cheyenne Oklahoma Testimonial

Tubal Reversal baby from Cheyenne Oklahoma Testimonial

My experience at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office was very, very good. Dr. Rosenfeld explained everything so well, the staff was so friendly, and the On-Q pain pump was just wonderful.

I recommend Dr. Rosenfeld for the tubal reversal. Life-changing experience, so grateful that I got to change me mind once again.

Dorothy Roark
Cheyenne, OK
Contact me at dorothy.roark@yahoo.com.

Tubal Reversal New York Testimonial – Ashley

Tubal Reversal New York patient Ashley share a picture of her tr babyShe is truly a tubal reversal miracle and I thank you guys for all you have done. She was born on June 26 2008.

Her father and I are extremely proud & thankful parents!!

Ashley, Tubal Ligation Reversal Patient From New York

Colorado Family Adds a TR Baby Girl

girl toddler born after tubal reversal to the The langhoff family from falcon, colorado

I flew down to Houston in August 2018 for my tibal reversal.

I was 37 years old.

I previously had 4 children and wanted one more with my new husband.

I became pregnant FIRST cycle trying after surgery!

My sweet reversal baby is 10 months old now. Gave birth to her June 23, 2019. 💗💗

Amanda Langhoff
Falcon, Colorado

Cheryl Covington Tubal Reversal Baby Announcement

tubal reversal pregnancy

I had my tubal reversal, November 14th 2018, by this amazing doctor.

I am 38 years old and had my tubal 17 years ago, I’ve had three C-sections and we discovered a fibroid on my uterus. This doctor required my husband and I to complete some [fertility-related] testing prior to taking a payment from us.

We conceived January 4th 2019, and are preparing to have a bouncing baby boy.

Thank you, Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld.

Cheryl Covington


Read more testimonials from tubal reversal patients who had their tubes tied a long time.

Tubal Reversal Baby Dallas Texas

Well, I had a tubal done back in 2012 after my 3rd child so my husband and I agreed that that was enough. This wasn’t the case and we wanted a son.

So I found my self researching tubal reversal. After weeks and weeks of searching I found Dr. Rosenfeld and he appeared to be the most honest, upfront, and welcoming doctor out of all!

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld, for giving us another chance. You made it possible for my husband to have his VERY first son 7lbs, 9oz. Thank you, guys!

Dr. Rosenfeld and his team was very friendly especially the nurse there! The team was very informative and they walk you every step and make sure you understand the procedure and the process.

Cherrelle Frederick
Dallas, Texas
Email me at cherrelle281986@gmail.com.

Shelby Lynn Campbell’s TR Pregnancy Announcement

shelby lynn campbell humphries tr baby announcement features baby shoes, baby blanket, stuffed rabbit, and chalkboard making the announcement all in a straw basket

FACEBOOK POST, August 24, 2022:

Well, my tubal reversal was a success ❤️

Thank you, Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld! ❤️❤️

Shelby Lynn Campbell
Omaha, Arkansas

TR Baby on the Way, 9 Months after Reversal

pregnancy announcement using a pregnancy test result

I am blessed and grateful for Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff.

I had my TR in 12/2020 and my baby is due 9/2021. More to come soon. Soon I will post a picture and progress.

God bless this man and the amazing nurses and staff that work alongside him to make miracles and blessing to families around the world.

Nampa, Idaho
Chiva Gomez

Tubal Reversal Spring Texas – Crystal Aranda

I chose Dr. Rosenfeld because he had a very good success rating and his fees were very reasonable.

His team was very helpful and explained everything step by step and was very comforting the morning of the procedure.

I have two kids, Alejandro and Ariel Aranda.

Crystal Aranda
Spring, TX
My email address is crystalgayleabney@gmail.com

Highly Recommends Dr. Rosenfeld & Staff

tubal reversal baby born to april of groves, tx after her 2018 tubal reversalI had an awesome experience with Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff…awesome people and always willing to help and assist with any questions I may have had.

My reversal was performed on May 22nd of 2018, and I conceived sometime the beginning of August.  I took the test August 17 of 2018, and it was positive. I delivered a healthy baby boy weighing 6 pounds on April 19th of 2019. I had a very successful reversal and I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff to anyone.

Thanks to God and Dr. Rosenfeld I was able to give my husband his first child!!!!!!

April McBride
Groves, TX
Let’s connect. Email me at april.broussard27@yahoo.com.

Dr. Rosenfeld Offers Second Chance at Motherhood

beautiful baby girl born 3 years after tubal reversal gave bridget smith of lumberton texas a second chance at motherhoodAfter having my reversal, I immediately went to tracking ovulation. The second month of trying I suffered a miscarriage. In Nov. 2017, I again suffered another miscarriage at 7 weeks. After 3 years, in July 2018, I finally said I give up. Figured it would never happen for me. I stopped tracking everything.

I was planning our vacation for 2019 in August of 2018 and figured I would wait until after my period came to book our trip. Low and behold on August 24, I took a pregnancy test figuring it would be negative, but it wasn’t. It was POSITIVE!!

A month ago I gave birth to my first beautiful baby girl, Vashti Smith! Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld, for giving my family and me a second chance at motherhood!

Bridget Smith
Lumberton, TX
Email me at live4him97@att.net.

TR Baby Girl in Oklahoma is Here!

tr baby born to kenzie combites of oklahoma after MTR surgery with dr rosenfeld
baby girl born in oklahoma after tubal reversal by dr rosenfeld

Our sweet Lainey was born February 18th!

Thank you all so much!

Kenzie Combites

Tubal Reversal Story from Waco, Texas

tubal reversal baby girl of Elizabeth Callejas from Waco TexasHello. I want to give thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld and his team that made my dream come true.

I had my tubes cut and tied in 2005 and my tubal reversal with Dr. Rosenfeld was done on February 14, 2017. It was all a success.

I got pregnant 6 months after the surgery and miscarried. Then got pregnant a second time not too long after and miscarried again. Maybe I hurried in getting pregnant, but I was 37 years old.

Now, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Victoria Sanchez, on January 31, 2019, a month before my 39th birthday. Thank God everything came out good and had a natural birth. I want to tell you that yes you can. Just have faith in God and Dr. Rosenfeld.

Elizabeth Callejas
Waco, TX
Email me at Callejaselizabeth11@yahoo.com

Read more testimonials from tubal reversal patients who had their tubes tied a long time.

Tubal Reversal Center Patient Testimonial Mississippi

Mississippi Tubal Reversal Patient and her family

Thanks for the joy you gave to Elliot and I. We have two new little ones, Elliot II 17 months and Anistyn Bentley 7 months. They are a year and a day apart July 16 and July 17.

You have made our family complete.

Kristy and Elliot Verdin
Pass Christian, Mississippi
Email me at Kristyscts@att.net.

Crystal Cannon’s Tubal Reversal Journey, So Far

lighted sign with faith, hope, love


I have to give Doctor Rosenfeld and the whole clinic 5 stars. Every staff member was awesome through the whole process and even after the surgery. No matter the question or concern someone was always there to assist me.

I had my tubal reversal done March of 2022. Everything went smoothly and great. Doctor and staff were amazing. I knew my chances were low and my risks higher due to having my tubes previously burned and also having a Essure in place (which was also removed in the process).

In May 2022, I was pregnant but it soon ended due to it being an ectopic pregnancy. My left tube was removed due to it rupturing. In August 2022, I was pregnant again but of unknown location once again but this time we were able to find it sooner and pregnancy ended with Methotrexate due to it more than likely being another ectopic.

Next stop for us will be IVF in hopes to have our Angel Baby. I knew my risk and case was higher, but I truly thank Doctor Rosenfeld for all his care and knowing he did the best in my situation.

Crystal Cannon

TR Testimonial from Marshall, Texas

tubal reversal baby of osterline duclona

My tubes were tied for 15 years and I wanted to have a baby. After researching and reading the stories of the women who had the procedure, I felt confident that Dr. Rosenfeld was the one.

I had my tubal reversal on December 4, 2020. And, we had our TR baby, Randy.

His team was exceptional and caring. They provided me with information and answered all my questions.

Osterline Duclona
Marshall, TX
Email me at osterlinejanvier@yahoo.com.

tubal reversal baby of osterline duclona in a bib

Cheryl Covington’s TR Baby Boy

cheryl covington's tr baby boy

I had my reversal surgery by you, Dr. Rosenfeld, and your awesome staff in November 2018.

My beautiful, healthy son was born October 2, 2019.

Thank you.

Cheryl Covington
Atlanta, GA area

Tubal Reversal Success Walonda Clark

collage of pictures of walonda clark's tubal reversal baby girl from newborn to first day of school

I was referred by the doctor that tied my tubes and had heard nothing but good things about Dr. Rosenfeld.

I had my tubal reversal on July, 15, 2015. Our baby girl, Daryn, was born April 18 2019.

The staff was very kind and attentive.

Walonda Clark
Houston, TX
Email me at squiki4@yahoo.com.

Delfina Medina’s TR Baby Born

picture collage of delfina medina's newborn tubal reversal baby


Me la hicieron el año pasado (2021) y ya tuve mi bebe en 2022.

Gracias doctor!

Tengo 41 años.

Delfina Medina
Houston, TX

[vc_empty_space height=”12px”]

English translation:

I had my tubal reversal done last year (2021) and I already had my baby in 2022.

Thank you doctor!

I am 41 years old.

Delfina Medina
Houston, TX


Just a month and 7 days after, I am pleased to introduce our baby who was born August 12, 2022.

Once again thanking Dr Rosenfeld and his entire team.

Yazmin Roa



A tan solo un mes y 7 días me complace presentarles a nuestro bebé,quien nació este Agosto pasado (08/12/22)

De nuevo Agradeciendo tanto a Dr Rosenfeld y todo su equipo.

Yazmin Roa

Yazmin Roa’s TR Baby Born

ultrasound of yazmin garcia's tubal reversal baby boy


Our story is a bit long, but I just want to thank our Mr. Jesus Christ, for putting Dr. Rosenfeld on our path.

Today after 13 years and a failed Invitro Fertilization (IVF) attempt, we achieved a pregnancy! Just 4 months after my surgery.

I am so thankful to have been able to have the opportunity to be a patient of Dr. Rosenfeld and also thankful for the nurses who took the time to answer my many phone calls.

Thank you everyone for everything. God bless you.

Yazmin Roa


Nuestra historia es un poco larga, pero solo quiero agradecer a nuestro Sr Jesucristo, por poner en nuestro camino a el Dr. Rosenfeld, hoy después de 13 años y un intento fallido de Fertilización Invitro, logramos un embarazo! A tan solo 4meses después de mi cirugía. I am so thankful to have been able to have the opportunity to be a patient of Dr. Rosenfeld and also thankful for the nurses that took the time to answer my many phone calls. Thank you everyone for everything. Dios los bendiga.

Yazmin Roa


Just a month and 7 days after, I am pleased to introduce our baby who was born August 12, 2022.

Once again thanking Dr Rosenfeld and his entire team.

Yazmin Roa



A tan solo un mes y 7 días me complace presentarles a nuestro bebé,quien nació este Agosto pasado (08/12/22)

De nuevo Agradeciendo tanto a Dr Rosenfeld y todo su equipo.

Yazmin Roa

Christina Saiz’s TR Pregnancy Announcement

christina saiz's kids who are going to be siblings to a new tr baby may 2023

FACEBOOK MESSAGE, August 29, 2022:

These kids are gonna have a baby brother or sister!

I had my reversal on August 2nd and found out today, August 29th, I’m pregnant!!!


This is a dream come true.

Christina Saiz
New Braunfels, TX

Antoinette Doulet’s TR Testimonial

newborn tr baby girl named phenix sleeping with a birth announcement board behind her

The staff and doctor were so compassionate and made sure I had all the information that I needed. They answered all of my questions. The caring they showed me was by far the best place.

I’m so glad I did my research and I chose Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff. I had no pain after surgery and no scar. He actually fixed my scar I had when I got the tubal reversal done February 2017.

I’m so excited to share that my reversal was a success and I had a baby girl on 8/20/22.

So that’s when me and my husband decided to wait till now to try again.

And I had a successful pregnancy with no complications. Doctor and staff really care about your health.

Antoinette Doulet
Katy, Texas

Bridget Jones’ Tubal Reversal Story

bridget jones' tubal reversal baby, dominic, at 1 year of age

I had a great experience with Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff. They were very informative on any questions I might’ve had and took really good care of me before and after my reversal.

I had my reversal done in March of 2018. I became pregnant in July and had a miscarriage in August. Then I was able to get pregnant again in March of 2020 but ended up miscarrying in May of 2020. They both were due to low progesterone.

My husband and I had stopped trying and said if it is meant to be it is meant to be and, low and behold, January of 2021, I found out I was pregnant and had a healthy pregnancy.

I gave birth to our baby boy, Dominic, on September 11, 2021. He weighed 6 lbs 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. He will be turning 1 soon and we couldn’t be more happy and in love. He completed our family.

Bridget Jones
Email me at bridgetbjones@yahoo.com.

Had 3 More Beautiful Babies!!  

I got a tubal reversal in August 2013 and had 3 more beautiful babies!!

July 2014, February 2016, 2 miscarriages, then another boy October 2018 at the age of 40!

I am so thankful for Dr Rosenfeld and his team!!

Rachael H

Tubal Reversal Baby After 15 Years Of Tubes Tied

ultrasound of amanda duque baby boy that will be born in april 2022 after tubal reversal with doctor rosenfeld

I have to say this was one of the best experiences when it comes to a big decision in life.

At the age of 39 in March 2021, I chose to get my tubes reversed only to try for another baby after 15 years. By August 2021 I had conceived and with no complications and no miscarriages.

This has been one of the best pregnancies I have ever had. I have been blessed with my baby boy who will be with us April 20. He will be blessed with his big sisters of 17 and 15 years of age.

Like I said, this was one of the best experiences all the way from scheduling the appointment to driving from Mesquite, Texas, to Houston and meeting with his staff and the next day meeting the doctor himself, having the surgery, and the recovery all the way around.

I’d give this experience a +5 if I could.

Amanda Duque
Mesquite, TX

Our Baby Boy is Perfect

My husband and I are so grateful for the second chance to have a baby. I have two girls, and now we have a beautiful baby boy!!!

I am 38 and had my tubal ligation 16 years ago.

Dr. Rosenfeld and his team did amazing. I had my tubal reversal in June 2020 and was pregnant by September. Our baby boy is perfect and wanted to share our success 💙

Rochelle Castillo

tubal reversal baby newborn

My Family Super Happy with New Addition

q ivory's tubal reversal baby girl born after mtr with dr rosenfeld

I found Dr. Rosenfeld on Google and I was so scared of the reversal procedure. I kept contemplating for about a year. Being a mother of 3, I was super busy and wasn’t sure If I should.

I finally decided to schedule for my reversal in August of 2019. I was nervous and skeptical after reading all the mixed reviews but I decided to just take a leap of faith.

Surgery went extremely well and Dr. Rosenfeld is really nice. He answered all of my questions before we began as well as my husband’s questions.

Recovery was a breeze and I was back to work in 2 weeks. I didn’t stress about becoming pregnant, my husband and I just decided to let things happen in its own time. I am now a mother of 4 beautiful girls. Needless to say Baby #4 is my reversal baby!

Again I had my surgery in August of 2019. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage which happened in December of 2019. I got pregnant immediately afterwards in January of 2020 and baby K was born in September of 2020!!! I was super excited despite the 12 year age difference of my babies. The experience was like brand new for me but I enjoyed every minute of it.

My family is super happy with the new addition to our family and we thank Dr. Rosenfeld so much for our Reversal baby!!!

Q Ivory
Houston Texas

Pregnancy Update – Mandy Martinez

Good evening!

I just wanted to let you know that I will be 8 months pregnant this Saturday with my baby boy. (Reversal Surgery in 2019)

Thank you all so much!

Mandy Martinez
Rockdale, Texas

Elizabeth Medina’s Tubal Reversal Story

newborn tubal reversal baby after elizabeth medina's surgery with doctor rosenfeld

I had a wonderful experience from the very first time I called to inquire about the surgery to the day of my procedure!

The staff was very helpful and answered all my questions.

I had my tubes tied for over 7 years. I remarried and my husband and I decided we wanted a baby. And thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld it was possible.

My reversal was on August 17, 2021. I gave birth to a handsome baby boy on 07/13/2022!

Elizabeth Medina

swaddled newborn tubal reversal baby after elizabeth medina's surgery with doctor rosenfeld

Cristina’s TR Baby Girl is Turning 6

cristina merida's tubal reversal baby girl at 6 years old


Recommend 💯 !

My tubes were tied for 11 years before my little angel.

My baby girl is turning 6.

Cristina W Merida
Rockford, IL

Ada Hernandez’s Tubal Reversal Story

ada hernandez's tubal reversal baby adrian seated in a baby seat

Es inexplicable lo que sentí al someterme a la cirugía, el Dr y su equipo hicieron de mi experiencia algo agradable y tranquilo, me apoyaron en todo momento y siempre estuvieron para mi cuando los necesité, son maravillosos.

Tenía 14 años ligada y la experiencia fue una ruleta de emociones, mi cirugía fue 26 Octubre 2020, y mi bebé nació 22 de Octubre 2021.

Siempre estaré agradecida con el Dr. Rosenfeld y su equipo, hicieron posible esta alegría en el seno de nuestra familia.

Ada Hernandez
Houston, TX

English translation:

It is inexplicable what I felt when I underwent surgery.

Dr. Rosenfeld and his team made my experience something pleasant and calm, they supported me at all times and were always there for me when I needed them, they are wonderful.

My tubes were tied for 14 years. The experience was a roulette of emotions. My surgery was October 26, 2020, and my baby was born October 22, 2021.

I will always be grateful to Dr. Rosenfeld and his team, they made this joy possible within our family.

Misty Philipp’s Tubal Reversal Story

baby girl born 14 months after mom's tubal reversal

Dr Rosenfeld and his team were very comforting and delightful throughout the whole process.

After 5 years of having my tubes tied, they were able to perform the surgery and 5 months later we found out we were expecting.

In October of 2021, we welcomed a healthy, happy baby girl.

Big thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld and his team for the opportunity to welcome another member to our family.

Misty Philipp

Mandi Campbell’s Tubal Reversal Story

mandi campbell's tr baby at age 7 months

I had a most amazing experience.

My doctor and his staff were super amazing and took amazing care of me.

He told me I would be pregnant within a year and I was pregnant within seven months. I have a healthy baby, Ethan, who born on Christmas Day.

Couldn’t be happier!!

Mandi Campbell


Just wanted to share a picture of our Maverick.

Now age 3.

Sarah Crawford

sarah crawford's toddler who was a tubal reversal baby

Sarah Crawford’s Tubal Reversal Story

sarah crawford's family including tubal reversal baby named maverick

Dr. Rosenfeld and his team make you feel so comfortable.

The whole process was extremely easy for me.

The recovery was also simple and I was pregnant in 4 months.

Sarah Crawford


Just wanted to share a picture of our Maverick.

Now age 3.

Sarah Crawford

sarah crawford's toddler who was a tubal reversal baby

KC Stuart’s TR Pregnancy Announcement

ultrasound and a positive pregnancy test

I had my reversal done on June 8, 2022.

I came to Houston from Amarillo and it was the best decision I made. The nurses and everyone at the office made me feel so welcome and answered and reassured all of my questions that I had.

Dr. Rosenfeld was very kind and also made me feel very comfortable and calm for the surgery. The healing was great I was only down for about 5 days and then I was feeling great. My scar also healed beautifully.

Well, here we are August 3, 2022, and I just confirmed that I am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Going to welcome our little bundle of joy in March 2023.

Thank you all so much for everything you have done for me and giving me this opportunity to grow my perfect family!

KC Stuart
Amarillo, TX

I’m Pregnant after Tubal Reversal

ultrasound of early pregnancy after tubal reversal surgery from an oklahoman patient of doctor rosenfeld

September 2020

Had our first positive test!!!!!

Thought we would let y’all know!!

October 2020

The ultrasound…

Alisha Gollihar
Spiro, OK

May 2021

Meet Vaeda Roxanne…our newest edition born 5/13 at 17:31.

Thanks, Dr. Rosenfeld!! Forever grateful.

She brings so much joy to our lives.

Alisha Gollihar
Spiro, Oklahoma

alisha gollihar's tubal reversal baby girl born in may 2021 after tubal reversal surgery with doctor rosenfeld in 2020
alisha gollihar's tubal reversal baby #1

October 2022

Our little TR#1, Vaeda Roxanne.

We are expecting TR#2 on February 3, 2023.

Her name will be Gracie Michelle.

Alisha Gollihar
Spiro, Oklahoma

Brandi’s Tubal Reversal Surgery Went Well

brandi boehm from enid oklahoma in a covid mask and surgical gown ready for her microsurgical tubal reversal procedure with doctor rosenfeld

I highly recommend Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff.

I had my reversal on June 14, 2022. Every step along the way has been a wonderful experience. They are helpful and so personable and make you feel comfortable and like family.

I’m looking forward to the next step after the healing has completed and we can start trying for our “OURS” baby.

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld, for giving us back our opportunity to try and expand our family once again.

Brandi Boehm
Enid, Oklahoma

Elizabeth’s Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Announcement

elizabeth preciado taking a picture of herself in a mirror to show she is 30 weeks pregnant after a tubal reversal with dr rosenfeld

I had my TR August 2021.

I am 30 weeks pregnant!!!

Baby will be here in July💙

Thank you, Dr. and staff !!!

Elizabeth Preciado
Houston, TX

Gemini Lorea Cole’s TR Baby Girl

baby girl born to gemini lorea cole a year after tubal reversal surgery with doctor rosenfeld

I had my reversal with you guys a year ago next month on May 13, 2022.

Just wanted to say I have a beautiful baby girl that’s 4 months now.

Thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld.

Gemini Lorea Cole
Fort Worth, TX

Amalie Lopez Announces TR Pregnancy

image from ultrasound of amalie lopez's pregnancy after tr surgery with doctor rosenfeld
ultrasound image of amalie lopez's pregnancy after tr surgery with doctor rosenfeld

On August 2, 2021, I had my tubal reversal after 10-1/2 years of them being tied.

We waited the recommended two cycles to start trying to conceive and were blessed to find out at the end of January we had safely done so!

As of right now [early April 2022], I am at exactly 13 weeks of gestation age. My due date is October 13 and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

We would’ve never had this wonderful opportunity without your incredible staff, seamless process and Dr. Rosenfeld‘s expertise!

Amalie Lopez
Baytown, TX

FACEBOOK UPDATE from Messenger, November 2022

I wanted to send an update on our little boy, Ares!

He was born at the end of September and is officially 6 weeks old as of last Friday.

We are so fortunate, blessed and thankful!

Amalie Lopez
Baytown, TX

amalie lopez's newborn tubal reversal baby sleeping

The LeCompte’s TR Baby Girl

tr baby girl in hospital nursery born after tubal reversal with doctor rosenfeld in houston

My husband and I chose Dr. Rosenfeld not only for his success rate but also his expertise.

My tubes had been tied for 11 years and within one month of having the reversal we were expecting 🙌🏻

Not only is he professional with a great bedside manner, but his office staff reflects that as well. Hands down would recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Tubal Ligation – 2010
  • Tubal Reversal with Dr. Rosenfeld – March 2021
  • Pregnant – May 2021
  • Reversal Baby #1- January 2022 🎀

Heather LeCompte
Freeport, TX

TR Baby Boy Born after Long TTC

tr baby born to kristyn currie almost 5 years after her tubal reversal

I had my tubes reversed in 2016 .

Successful healthy baby boy born August 2021.

Kristyn Currie
Joshua, TX

TR Baby Girl Born 16 Months After Reversal

newborn tr baby girl born charleen after tubal reversal with doctor rosenfeld in houstonto

Got my tubes untied September 2020.

Welcomed our tubal reversal baby January 18, 2022.

She’s just a few weeks and soooo happy and all smiles.

Thanks for being the best, Dr. Rosenfeld 💕

Charleen Kasim
Dallas, TX

The Cruz Family is Having Baby #10

ultrasound of sandra cruz's tubal reversal baby

Well, I like to say I highly recommend Dr.Rosenfeld to do your tubal reversal.

At first I was soooo scared thinking it wouldn’t work but after reading so many people and their experiences with him, I was like, “Let’s do it”. I had my surgery January 6, 2021. My husband and I don’t have any kids together. I have 9 from my first husband and he has 2, but none together.

We got together and he asked if I could have kids told him no. We got to knowing each other more, been together 4 years. One day we both said we wanted another one but together. So I started looking up ways to get pregnant. I found Dr. Rosenfeld and gave them a call and we went for it. My surgery came out really good, no pain.

We started trying 60 days after surgery. Nothing was happening. Got a little sad because every month I would be like 7 days late so I would test and it would say NOT PREGNANT. That would break our hearts.

So I told my husband, “I give up.” Well, October after we got married, I saw on my period tracker that it said I was easy to get pregnant. So without telling my husband I wanted to try, I just said, “Babe let’s go to bed.”  🙂 if you know what I mean. Well, without him knowing I just laid in bed. Come November, I started working with him. I would carry heavy ladders and once I carried it and started getting sick. So I went one day to store got a test without him knowing. Following day I woke up really early, went to restroom, and took the test without him hearing me or knowing.  I was soo scared to see test cause I didn’t want to see Not Pregnant.

Well, this time it said PREGNANT. Yay me! I got so happy I jumped off toilet ran to my husband while he was asleep and said, “Babe!”, while I had the test right in his face. He jumped up and smiled and said, “Is this for real?” I said, “Yes!”

Here I am today, January 24, 2022 at 37 years old pregnant with my baby number 10. He is a boy and I’m 13 weeks pregnant. We are happy to say everything is going good as of now. Baby boy looks good, moves around like crazy…I just wanna tell Dr.Rosenfeld and his staff thank you for all the support you gave me.

I give 10 stars ⭐️ plus way more…

Just remember some get pregnant fast some take awhile, But don’t get discouraged. It takes time and patience. I learned that with this pregnancy… Don’t give up hope…

Sandra & Larin Cruz

TR Baby Girl Born to the Moyers of Oklahoma

sarah moyer's tr baby girl with a yellow bow on her head

I had my tubal reversal surgery Nov 2018.

And just had our sweet little girl, Baker Lea, in March 2020!

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld and team!

Sarah Moyer
Bethel Acres, Oklahoma

The Jernigans’ TR Baby is Here!

tubal reversal baby newborn in a car seat after his mother yasmine jernigan had a reversal by doctor rosenfeld

I would like to thank Dr. Rosenfeld and his team because without them it would have not been possible to bring this beautiful healthy baby boy into this world!

My tubal reversal was performed on February 5, 2021. Found out I was pregnant in April 2021.

Liam Alexander Jernigan was born on December 29,2021. Weighting 7 lbs 3 oz. 20in.

From the bottom of my heart, thank y’all again.

Yasmine Jernigan

Our TR Baby is Here!

I got my TR in September of 2020.

I waited my 3 cycles as recommended.

I took a test and it came back positive the end of February 2021. So I got pregnant 5 months after my TR. I didn’t think it would’ve happened so fast, but I’m so grateful it did.

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld, for giving me another chance to have this beautiful boy of mine, Jonaven. He is so loved you and your team did really good. Thank you.

Jon & Ash Villa
Amarillo, TX

jon and ash villa's tubal reversal baby born 14 months after surgery with doctor rosenfeld in houston

Our TR Baby is Thriving!

Here is little Grayson Todd Reveal. Born July 13th, 2021, at 8:42am via Cesarean section.

He weighed 6 lbs 13 Oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. He is thriving and absolutely beautiful.

Our tubal reversal was March 20, 2020.

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld. He is truly our little dream come true.

Leanna Reveal
Dripping Springs, TX

penton's newborn tubal reversal baby with pacifier

Tubal Reversal Baby #2 On Her Way!

ultrasound of jamie spyker's tubal reversal baby number 2

Lauren Lynn, TR#2, is almost ready to make her appearance.

Wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Want to thank all of you for what you do.

Bringing blessing to our family and so many others is such a precious gift.

Jamie Lou Spyker
Houston, TX

UPDATE May 2021

Our tiny princess has made her grand entrance!!!

5/26/21 @ 11:31pm 6lbs 12oz 19”.

She is perfectly perfect and instantly has us wrapped around her tiny finger 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Jamie Lou Spyker
Houston, TX

newborn tr baby girl of jamie lou spyker after tubal reversal with doctor rosenfeld

Crystal Cain’s TR Pregnancy Announcement

selfie of crystal cain pregnant with her first tubal reversal baby


Thank you, Dr., after having my tubal ligation in 2012, to my reversal January 13, 2022.

I conceived in March and am expecting a healthy baby boy in November.

I got pregnant only two months after surgery. This wouldn’t be possible without a wonderful doctor who actually cares and staff.

Crystal Cain
Temple, TX

Tubal Reversal Baby #5 On Its Way!

ultrasound of heather modesto's 5th tubal reversal baby

April 2021 from Facebook Messenger

I wanted to let you all know I’m 22 weeks pregnant with TR baby #5!

Heather Modesto
Van Buren, AR

Here are pics of the first 4 tubal reversal babies!

August 2021 from Facebook Messenger

My 5th TR baby.

Heather Modesto
Van Buren, Arkansas

Jennifer San Miguel TR Baby Announcement

pregnant woman with hands over her baby belly with thumbs and fingers forming a heart

Dr. Rosenfeld and staff are wonderful!

After remarrying, my husband and I decided to have a baby together. I had my tubes tied in 2011 and after doing much research we decided to contact Dr Rosenfeld. He was quite a distance from us but comparing many different doctors we decided to go with him. So happy we did!

I had my tubal reversal amidst COVID-19 in April of 2020. After 2 miscarriages, one in August of 2020 right after a positive test and one the earlier part of 2021 again right after testing positive, I am so happy to say I am pregnant with our rainbow 🌈 baby ♥️

The staff and the procedure and the care they gave me was the best! They were so nice and made me feel so comfortable despite my husband not being able to be at the hospital with me for the surgery due to COVID restrictions…I am forever grateful to them!!!

Jennifer San Miguel
Corsicana, TX

Viri Benitez Shares Her Tubal Reversal Story

newborn tubal reversal baby of viri benitez after mtr with doctor rosenfeld of houston

Estoy muy feliz con mi bebe, mi pequeño Zaid

Muchas gracias Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld. Mi cirujia la tuve en mayo del 2020.

Y quede embarazada en septiembre del 2020, ahora tengo un hermoso niño a mi lado.❤️❤️
✨nacido el 17 de junio,
⚖️pesando 9 libras 9 onzas y
📏midiendo 53 cm.

Quiero recomendar ampliamente al dr. Bernard Rosenfeld y todo su equipo de trabajo. Las enfermeras y demás personal son muy amables y muy atentas. Te explican el procedimiento muy bien.

Yo hace 13 años me ligue las trompas. Ellos me explicaron que por el tiempo de ligada nesecitava la cirujia reverciva, es muy rápido el procedimiento. Te hablan muy claro sobre el porsetaje of chance que tienes de quedar embarazada. Y también muy importante ello primero que nada, checan si eres elegible o no para la cirujia. Depende de varios factores.

Yo me realice mi cirujia y el mismo día, todo sali bien con el favor de Dios, me dan de alta. Y a los 3 meses y medio, quede embarazada. Seguí todo el procedimiento de recuperación. Es un poquito doloroso pero muy ligero. Y ahora tengo a mi bb hermoso.!!!😃

Viri Benitez
Houston, TX

Translation to English:

I am very happy with my baby, my little Zaid.

Thank you very much, Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld. My surgery I had in May 2020.

I got pregnant in September 2020 now I have a beautiful boy next to me. ❤️❤️
✨ born on June 17,
⚖️ weighing in at 9 lbs 9 oz and
📏 measuring 20-3/4″.

I want to highly recommend dr. Bernard Rosenfeld and his entire team. The nurses and other staff are very friendly and very helpful. They explain the procedure very well.

I had my tubes tied for 13 years. They explained to me that due to the time required for reversal surgery, the procedure is very fast. They speak to you very clearly about the percentage of chance you have to get pregnant. And also very important that first of all, they check if you are eligible or not for the surgery. It depends on several factors.

I underwent my surgery and the same day, everything went well with the favor of God, I was discharged. And at 3 1/2 months, I got pregnant. I followed the entire recovery procedure. It is a little painful but very light. And now I have my beautiful baby. !!! 😃

Bridget Jones 1st Tubal Reversal Baby

bridget jones's first tubal reversal baby

My husband and I want to thank Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff for helping us to be able to conceive again and for being so nice & for checking up with us after the procedure and just answering all our questions.

I had my TR surgery on 03/16/2018. I was able to get pregnant twice which both ended in miscarriages, once on Aug 2018 and then 2nd pregnancy in May 2020. We had gave up trying and left it in God’s hands, which to our surprise on January 4th 2021, I found out I was pregnant.

On September 11, 2021, we welcomed our TR#1 rainbow baby, Dominic Jones, into this world and we couldn’t be more in love and overjoyed with our baby boy.

Thank you so much we couldn’t have done it without your help. 🌈👶🏽💙

Eboni Harris

Eboni Harris’ Tubal Reversal Baby Girl

little girl born to eboni harris of houston tx after tubal reversal with doctor rosenfeld

Had my TR October 2013.

We became pregnant Oct 2014. Had our beautiful baby girl June 29, 2015.

She brings the family so much joy.

I am so thankful for Dr Rosenfeld and his staff.

Eboni Harris
Houston, TX

A talented man with great staff!

Dr. Rosenfeld and his team are amazing!  A talented man with great staff!

My tubal ligation was in June 2011, and my reversal was in September 2018.

My reversal baby was born January 2020, and we just celebrated his first year! He wasn’t impressed with the singing and cake!

Kristin Williams
Franklin, Texas

Email me at kristinlynn8987@gmail.com

Ada Ascencio’s Newborn TR Baby

close up of ada ascencio's newborn tubal reversal baby swaddled in a hospital blanket
close up of ada ascencio's newborn tubal reversal baby sleeping
close up of ada ascencio's newborn tubal reversal baby

Mi operacion de reversion de trompas fue en Octubre 2020 ❤ y mi bebé llegó Octubre 2021. 🥰

Estoy muy agradecida con el doctor y su equipo. Gracias a ustedes mi sueño de volver a ser Madre se hizo realidad.

Ada Ascensio
Houston, TX

English Translation

My tubal reversal operation was in October 2020 ❤ and my baby arrived October 2021. 🥰

I am very grateful to the doctor and his team. Thanks to you, my dream of being a mother again came true.

The Flores Family is Growing!

first tubal reversal baby boy of maegan flores of odessa texas

My husband and I are incredibly thankful for Dr. Rosenfeld and his amazing staff!

We started talking remotely with the staff in 2019 (who followed up with us regularly) regarding tubal reversal however did not schedule the procedure until January 2020. I was a bit nervous as we were traveling from Odessa to Houston for the surgery and did not meet with anyone in person until days before the procedure.

The day of the procedure was as smooth as possible. We received wonderful care the entire time and when finally meeting Dr. Rosenfeld he made sure to answer all questions we had without making us feel rushed.

We completed the procedure the last week of January – and within 6 months we were expecting!!

Now on February 8th 2021 we welcomed our amazing and healthy baby boy – who will complete our family! We are very blessed & thankful that we made the trip! 🙂

Will forever recommend Dr. Rosenfeld.

Maegan Flores
Odessa, TX

Pregnant 2 Weeks After Tubal Reversal

announcement of pregnancy 2 weeks after tubal reversal surgery

My tubes were tied 6 years ago. I had my procedure with Dr. Rosenfeld 7 weeks ago on 3/12/2020.

Ultrasound yesterday confirmed me at 5 weeks, 1day. Due date: 12/31/2020. 🙃

Getting pregnant a couple weeks after surgery definitely exceeded all my expectations. I was thinking it would take at least a couple months. ❣️

Chantell Hooks-Godley
Marrero, LA

Tubal Reversal Baby Now 4 Years Old

patricia marshall mixco's tubal reversal baby is now age 4Had my TR in 2013 at the age of 40 and welcomed a baby girl in 2014.

She will be 4 years old next week.

Thank you to Dr. Rosenfeld and his team.

Patricia Marshall-Mixco
Pittsburg, California

P.S. When I gave birth to her, the doctors told me that Dr. Rosenfeld did a wonderful job reconnecting my tubes.

TR Baby Arrives Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

the ganpats with their tubal reversal baby born on february 5th just in time for valentine's day

FACEBOOK Messenger Update, February 2021:

Gabriel Lucas Alexander Ganpat, born February 5th 2021.

TR surgery June 21, 2017. 1 miscarriage along the way.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

Jesse Ganpat
Arkansas City, KS

I Had 2 Babies After Essure Reversal

2 boys playing at a water table that were born after their mother had an essure reversal

Dr. Rosenfeld did my Essure reversal in August 2015.

Had my first boy in June 2017.

And my second in March 2019.

Thank you for all your help!


Jennifer Velez

Pregnancy Announcement after Tubal Reversal

tubal reversal baby girl born to a 42-year-old mom in houston texas after a tubal reversal with dr. rosenfeld

Dr. Rosenfeld and his team were great.

At age 42, here is my tubal reversal baby. She will be 4 months old this month.

Ruth Murrell
Houston, TX
Email me at rutharura@gmail.com

TR Baby Girl Born to Isabel Ramirez

7 month old baby girl of isabel ramirez of galveston born after tubal ligation reversal surgery with dr rosenfeld

Wanted to thank Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff for helping me to be able to conceive once again.

I had my TR surgery on 05/17/2018. And I had my newest addition to the family another baby girl named Catalina who was born 05/21/2020.

She is now going on 7 months.

Without your help I wouldn’t have been able to have her. Thank you so much.

Isabel Ramirez
Galveston, TX

Angela Hurtado’s TR Baby Girl

angela hurtado's tubal reversal baby is a girl laying on a floral sheet with a striped bow in her hair

After having my tubes tied for 8 years I had my reversal done Dec. 20, 2019.

My husband and I just welcomed our gorgeous baby girl on Dec. 5, 2020!  Not even a year later!

We are forever grateful to Dr. Rosenfeld and his wonderful staff. Everyone in the office was so kind and informational.

I highly recommend!

Angela Hurtado
Palacios, TX

UPDATE from Facebook Comment, September 2022

TR 12/20/19 and Baylee was born 12/5/20!

Our second TR baby will come around this 🎃 Halloween!

So thankful to Dr. Rosenfeld 🙂

Angela Hurtado
Palacios, TX

baylee hurtado, a tubal reversal baby now 2 years old on a motorcycle game in the arcade

Christie Ann Brown’s Tubal Reversal Babies

christie ann brown with her 2 tubal reversal babies in a pumpkin patch

Two tubal reversal babies!!!

Surgery July 2014!

Baby girl July 2015 and baby boy March 2020!!!

Thank you, Dr Rosenfeld, ❤️ you changed our lives and we are so happy!

Christie Ann Brown
San Antonio, TX

Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Announcement

ultrasound of karen barragan's pregnancy after tubal reversal with dr. rosenfeld

We are so excited to share the big news! We are pregnant! So thankful to God for Dr. Rosenfeld as he helped us have another child.

My surgery was March 5, 2020, and we are currently 16 weeks pregnant now! Our baby girl is due December 27, 2020.

I had an amazing experience. Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were so sweet and informative. My recovery was so smooth and very little pain. I continue to recommend him to anyone that is considering doing a tubal reversal. Thank you!

Karen Barragan
Tyler, TX


Our little girl was born today, December 4th!

Perfect and healthy♥️

So thankful to God and for Dr. Bernard in making this possible!

Our TR was March 5th of this year.

Karen Barragan
Tyler, TX

newborn baby born december 2020 is karen barragan's first after her tubal reversal surgery with dr rosenfeld in march 2020

Fam Rodriguez 3 TR Babies Growing Up!

TR done 2/2013.

Pregnant within 3 monts.

TR babies birthdays:

  • 3/2014
  • 5/2018
  • 8/2019

Fam Rodriguez
Pasadena, TX

first tubal reversal baby for the rodriguez born in march 2014 shown here as a 6 year old
second and third tubal reversal babies born to the rodriguez family

TR Pregnancy Announcement

angie molina castanon announcing her tubal reversal baby is due march 2021 with a picture of her ultrasound

Tubes clipped and burnt in December 2009.

Tubes reversed August 2019.

Due March 2021.

Angie Molina-Castanon
Brenham, TX

TR baby girl is here!!!

After her reversal on August 6, 2019, Angie had their beautiful baby girl!

Khloe Lizet was born March 29, 2021.

baby girl born to angie molina castanon on march 19 2021 after her tubal reversal on august 6 2021
tubal reversa; baby girl in a white onesie with "mini diva" written on it

Liliana Hernandez Has First TR Baby

photo collage of liliana hernandez's first tubal reversal baby

My tubes were clipped and burned in 2005 after my 4th baby (all C-sections).

Then I had my TR in 2017.

I got pregnant on my 2nd cycle.

Baby born Dec 2018!

And I’m planning on a 2nd baby this year. ❤️

Liliana Hernandez
Houston, TX


A little video of my sweet boy.

Hector, born December 2018.
Tubal reversal, December 2017.


Liliana Hernandez
Houston, TX

Nohemi’s Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Announcement

nohemi garcia takes a selfie of her baby belly as she is 30 weeks pregnant with her tubal reversal baby

Tubal reversal on January 17, 2020.

Due January 2021.

Now 30 weeks 🤰 💖

Nohemi Garcia
Houston, TX

TR Baby #2 On the Way, Love #1!

maria yepez with her tubal reversal baby boy who is now school aged

Had my tubal reversal 2013.

Had my son 2014.

Now expecting my second boy. Due in October 2020.


Maria Yepez
Dallas, TX Area


Had my first TR baby in 2014.

Just had my 2nd TR baby October 16, 2020.



Maria Yepez
Dallas, TX Area

newborn baby with pacifier who is the 2nd tubal reversal baby of maria yepez after surgery with dr rosenfeld
6-week-old tubal reversal baby born to maria yepez after tubal reversal with doctor rosenfeld in houston

Sara Guadron’s Tubal Reversal Babies

smiling tubal reversal baby born to sara guadron in may 2020 after reversal surgery with dr rosenfeld in February 2019

Mi hermoso bb, Ismael.

Me opere 02/18/2019.

Y me embaraze en 08/20/2019.

Y nacio 05/10/2020❤👶

Sara Guadron
Houston, TX

Second TR Baby is Here!

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UPDATE March 2022 from Sara…her second TR baby is here!

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newborn tubal reversal baby born to sara guadron after tubal reversal surgery with doctor rosenfeld

Mi segunda bb gracias a Dios y a su operación ❤️🙏

Gracias a usted por que gracias a Dios y a usted, cumplí mi sueño de tener mas bebes. ❤️❤️

Sara Guadron
Houston, TX

second tubal reversal baby for sara guadron after tubal reversal surgery with doctor rosenfeld
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UPDATE May 2022 from Sara…her TR babies are growing!

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sara guadron 1st tubal reversal baby standing
sara guadron 2nd tubal reversal baby sleeping

Tubal Reversal Baby Announcement from Chaston Blackburn

ultrasound of chaston blackburn's tubal reversal baby due february 2021

Tubal Reversal was November 2019 .

Conceived May 2020.

Due Date February 2021 💙

First boy after two girls 😍

Chaston Blackburn
Houston, TX


Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld!!!

Our tubal reversal baby is here.

Tubal reversal November 2019.

Conceived May 2020.

Our first boy, Benjamin “West” Blackburn born February 2021.


Chaston Blackburn
Houston, TX