The Maltos from California Announce TR Pregnancy

tubal reversal patient, amanda maltos, announces pregnancy with her ultrasound

I couldn’t have gone to a more caring, informative, and skilled surgeon!

After tying my tubes in 2014, I lost all hope when my husband and I chose to add to the family we blended together.

We traveled across the country [from California] in October and had our reversal!

Our first month trying to conceive we were successful!

We are eternally grateful to Dr. Rosenfeld and his entire staff for giving us the gift of creating a sweet little miracle!

Amanda Maltos


Hello! We just wanted to update you as to our journey to a TR baby.

We came from Southern California to have our reversal done by Dr. Rosenfeld. We had our surgery October 10 and in December (our first cycle trying) we got pregnant.

On August 12 we welcomed our sweet baby, Lincoln. to the world.

He is a true miracle and none of our dreams would have come true without the help of Dr. Rosenfeld and the team!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Amanda Maltos

amanda maltos' tubal reversal baby girl born after microtubal reversal with dr rosenfeld