November 23, 2017


Last updated : 13 July 2017

dr rosenfeld's tubal reversal success rate is based on live birthsTubal Reversal Success Rates

Dr. Rosenfeld has performed tubal reversal procedures for over 30 years. He is one of the few specialists in the United States achieving a success rate of over 80 percent – depending on the health and lifestyle choices of each patient.

While “pregnancy rates” are often used when citing success rates, Dr. Rosenfeld cites only “live births” in his 80 percent success rate – among the highest in his field.

Increasing Tubal Reversal Success Rates

Over the years Dr. Rosenfeld has finely tuned each part of the tubal reversal procedure to improve recovery rates and conception rates. As an example, the use of the ultra fine 10-0 nylon sutures reduces risks of adhesions and ectopic pregnancies and speed healing. Each improvement contributes to his high success rate, even improving the outcome for women in their early 40’s.

Before Dr. Rosenfeld can advise on your potential for a successful tubal reversal, he will need to review your medial history and records from your tubal ligation procedure. You can provide this information by registering online to start your tubal reversal journey. The nursing staff is happy to assist you in obtaining your operative report. Simply call the office at 713 790 0099 for free assistance.

After Dr. Rosenfeld reviews your medical history, current health status, and tubal ligation operative report, we will schedule a free telephone consultation with you. Dr. Rosenfeld will share with you your changes of success based on his review. Some of the factors that can affect the success rate includes:

Premier Tubal Reversal Specialist

One of your most important decisions is your choice of a surgeon. Having performed thousands, Dr. Rosenfeld is a highly skilled and successful surgeon, perfecting his technique with great attention to detail to optimize your chances of conceiving.