Naomi Clay – Elgin, Oklahoma Tubal Reversal

naomi clay's second tubal reversal baby is on his wayWe are so excited that tubal reversal baby #2 is on his way…2 boys!

Naomi Clay
Elgin, OK
Contact me at

2 tubal reversal boys of Naomi Clay of Elgin, Oklahoma Tubal Reversal


UPDATE December 2016: Everyone was so friendly, open and very attentive. I have gladly and openly shared my experience. We welcomed Dominic June 6, 2013. Then Kamren June 14, 2015. I am so very happy that they have helped us conceive my lil men.

Had my tubal reversal on 08/02/2012, meet Dominic and Kamren Clay.

naomi clay's tubal reversal babies are growing up



UPDATE September 2017: Our 3rd TR baby is on the way (click for more pictures)…and it’s a girl!

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