Natasha Shultz Twins after Tubal Reversal!

twins born after tubal reversal with dr rosenfeld

Dr. Rosenfeld did my surgery October 19, 2018.

And I was pregnant with my twins 6 weeks later!

Thank y’all for everything!

Weston and Wyatt were born 7/8/19. We are truly blessed.

Natasha Shultz
Hallsville, TX

natasha schultz's 2-month-old tubal reversal baby twins


After Dr. Rosenfeld did my surgery I conceived 6 weeks later with my twins who will be 3 on July 9, 2022. They are identical twin boys.

I work in Labor & Delivery in Longview at Longview Regional Medical Center. My OB/Gyn, Dr. Lin Paul sent me to y’all .  I also referred a family friend and a co-worker. They both have had healthy boys since seeing him.

Thank you for making me a mom again.

Natasha Shultz-Kaminski
Longview, TX

3-year-old twin tubal reversal babies of natash kaminski from longview texas
natasha kaminski tubal reversal twins at 3 years of age