Tamara Walker – My 5, Yes 5, Tubal Reversal Babies

Tamara Walker of Dallas, Texas has had 4 babies since her Tubal Reversal surgery and she is over 40 years of agetamara walker celebrating tubal reversal baby number 4 having a 1st birthday on 12-1-2017Well let’s just say….. Surgery Feb 2012 and four babies later. I think I’m throwing the towel in…lol…This one tube I have left is in OVER DRIVE!!!

Delivered 4th baby 12/01/2016 …I’M A VIP MEMBER/REGULAR ON THE DR. ROSENFELD TEAM. Every day I see these babies I want to RUN..HA! All the crying, singing my name 20 hours a day… And the who had the toy first fights.

But I think back to the day before I had my TR and I had a fever and Dr. R’s nurses got me back on track for surgery the next day. I was in disbelief like, this is really happening!

The staff was GREAT..and friendly. Then Dr. R came in talked to me and my husband I was so nervous. One about going under and also my two kids were already grown. What am I doing lol…

But with all the extra 4 gray hairs I wouldn’t change NOTHING… I was 38 when I had this surgery and ALL my babies are healthy. Don’t let anyone tell you what u can and can’t do because of your age or just the fact you want more kids. Dr. R and his staff will not waste your time. He will definitely let you know if you are a candidate.

Feel free to contact me at Mrstamarawalker110@yahoo.com.

Tamara Walker
Dallas, TX

pictures of tr baby number 4 of tamara walker of dallas on her 1st birthdayUPDATE DECEMBER 1, 2017: (Facebook post)

Dec 1st!! Today is my 4th TR baby’s birthday.
Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld. We’re truly blessed. smiley face icon

TR babies’ ages: 4-3-2-1

Tamara Walker

tamara walker now has 5 tubal reversal babies


Here she goes again! Tamara shared some new pictures with us and now there are 5! Five TR babies in just a little over 5 years all with only one tube. And the first of the cuties was born when Tamara was 39!

tamara walker shares baby pictures of her 5 tr babies

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2018: (Facebook post)

Where are they now…my 5 Fab TR babies.

TR surgery: 02/2012, age 39

Make sure all your questions-concerns are answered very friendly staff

My babies’ nicknames:

  • Tank – 5 kinder- flag football 🏈🏳️
  • Money – 4 early pre-K
  • Tooly- 3 being Bossy
  • Razzi -23 months eating up the house
  • Teagan Peagan – 8-months, loves kisses
tamara walker's 5 tubal reversal babies after her tr surgery with dr rosenfeld
tamara walker's 5th tubal reversal baby turns 1


My 5th TR baby turned 1 today.

This staff is so friendly. The doctor is the best at what he does.

My children are 28-26-22-5-4-3-2-1.


tamara walker's children including 5 tr babies