Tubal Reversal Babies for the Sisk Family

first tubal reversal baby for georgia lynn sisk is a boyFacebook Review, June 2016: 

I had my tubal reversal done on April 8, 2015. We drove 5 hours to have Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld perform the surgery. I had called around my area (between Tyler and Longview, TX) and could have had it done closer, but when I called for info from other offices, I was put off. People were rude as if my questions were unimportant and I felt stupid for asking them.

Then I called Dr. Rosenfeld’s office and talked to his staff. Mrs. Becky was so sweet and nice and answered all my questions with a cheerful attitude. The whole staff was kind and charming.

The procedure was quick and it went great. In August 2015, towards the end of the month, we were pregnant!  I am 27 weeks pregnant. I am due May 22, 2016, with a baby boy. I have a nine year old who is ready to meet his baby brother. We couldn’t be happier.

Thank you. [UPDATE: Newborn tubal reversal baby #1 pictured at left.]

Georgia Lynn Sisk
second tubal reversal baby for georgia lynn sisk of hawkins tx is a baby girl named ariaHawkins, TX



UPDATE FROM Facebook Comment, September 2017:

Here’s a new picture of our tubal reversal baby #1!

Georgia Lynn Sisk




UPDATE from Facebook Message, October 2018:

Just had tubal reversal baby #2 on October 3, 2018, baby girl, Aria.

Georgia Lynn Sisk
Hawkins, TX

georgia lynn sisk had these 2 tubal reversal babies after her microsurgical tubal reversal with dr rosenfeld in houston







UPDATE from Facebook Message, August 2019:

Both of these cuties are here because Dr. Rosenfeld did an amazing job on my reversal. We are blessed with 3 amazing kiddos now.

Georgia Lynn Sisk
Hawkins, TX