The Southwest Center for Tubal Reversal

We can offer you the very best chance to have another baby!

Southwest Tubal Reversal has had more success and experience in Tubal Reversals than any surgical clinic over the last 40 years. We will absolutely give you the best chance of having another baby at a much lower cost than IVF.

Please read our Tubal Reversal patients’ testimonials to see why you should come to Houston for your tubal reversal procedure.

This will be one of the most important decisions of your life – having another baby.

The Southwest Center for Tubal Reversal is committed to your desire for having another baby and will call you personally to offer a free consultation and tell you what your chances are after Tubal Reversal.

Most importantly, be aware of doctors that advertise lower prices. When you add their hidden fees, the complete price will be higher. With no hidden fees, Southwest Tubal Reversal offers the best value and highest success rates in the nation.

Why Choose Southwest Tubal Reversal In Houston?

  • Highest rates of successful pregnancies with Tubal Reversals.
  • Low cost for the tubal reversal procedure with absolutely no hidden fees. Everything is included.
  • Tubal Reversal is all-natural and only half the cost of IVF.
  • We have over 40 years of experience performing the tubal reversal procedure.
  • Patients are usually home within 4 hours after their surgery.
  • We perform a maximum of two surgeries per day. We never rush!
  • We will give you absolutely the best chance of becoming pregnant again.
  • Read our hundreds of Tubal Reversal testimonials from real patients.
  • Our patients travel from all parts of the country to Houston for the best chance to get pregnant again.
  • We will offer you a free phone consultation and tell you what your chances of having another baby with Tubal Reversal.

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This Mothers Day, we celebrate every mom who has welcomed a child through tubal reversal. Wishing a happy Mothers Day to all moms everywhere! ❤️

This Mother's Day, we celebrate every mom who has welcomed a child through tubal reversal. Wishing a happy Mother's Day to all moms everywhere! ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

2 CommentsComment on Facebook

Yessss 4 months old now. Thank youuuu

Thank you! We have a 6 week old baby girl. Essure removal in 2018. Successful pregnancy 2024

Thank you for sharing your story. 


My husband and I chose Dr. Rosenfeld not only for his success rate but also his expertise.

My tubes had been tied for 11 years and within one month of having the reversal we were expecting 🙌🏻

Not only is he professional with a great bedside manner, but his office staff reflects that as well. Hands down would recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you for sharing your story.


My husband and I chose Dr. Rosenfeld not only for his success rate but also his expertise.

My tubes had been tied for 11 years and within one month of having the reversal we were expecting 🙌🏻

Not only is he professional with a great bedside manner, but his office staff reflects that as well. Hands down would recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 months ago

9 CommentsComment on Facebook

Came here to say, THIS IS MY REVIEW 🫶🏻 I had my reversal with Dr Rosenfeld March 2021, became pregnant May 2021 (successful) and pregnant again October 2022 with baby #2. Without him and his team our miracle babies would not be here 🩷🌸

I love him amd his staff! I had my baby Aug 2023 after having them ties for 5 years! I got pregnant 6 monthe after surgery❤️

Yes! June of 2022, my son was born May of 2023! We're currently trying for baby number 2!

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Celebra a los que has amado.

Celebra a los que has amado. ... See MoreSee Less

8 months ago
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Read our testimonials and email our patients. They love to give other women hope.

Tubal Reversal Review from Rockford, Illinois

I was referred to Dr. Rosenfeld by a friend who had surgery with Dr. Rosenfeld and was successful. Everyone in the office was very helpful. They treated me like family and helped me every single time I called the office with a concern.

The day before the surgery, I had a short pre-surgery consultation and Dr. Rosenfeld was wonderful. It’s amazing how he helps women all around the country get their tubal ligation surgery reversed.

Recovery was quick with very minimal pain. My daughter, Mia, is 6 years old now.

Christina Marie Wilkins
Rockford, Illinois
Email Me:

4 TR Babies for Tania from Pennsylvania

tania cintron's 4 tubal reveresal babies born 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021

I’m reaching out to you now to let you know that I just had another baby!

I am so happy to announce that at 39 years of age, I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl on October 29

We conceived TR baby #4 after only 1 month of semi-trying.

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld, for my 2 sons and 2 daughters! I definitely got my money’s worth, LOL!

Tania Cintron
Tannersville, Pennsylvania

See Tania’s testimonial about why she chose Dr. Rosenfeld, her tubal reversal surgery and recovery, getting pregnant, and birth of her first TR baby.)

TR Baby Arrives After a Long Wait

codie wolf flew from illinois to texas for her tubal reversal and 4 years later she has her first tubal reversal baby

FACEBOOK Update, January:

We flew to Texas from Illinois 

We got pregnant multiple times! They ended in miscarriages!

For almost 2 years, I didn’t become pregnant again! Then out of nowhere I got a positive test and kept getting them!

We welcomed our tubal reversal rainbow baby on November 30

Don’t lose hope! 🙏💖👣

Codie Wolf
Roscoe, Illinois

Christi Marchant – Essure Reversal Testimonial

Dr. Rosenfeld Performs Successful Essure Reversals

christi marchant's tr baby after essure reversalOriginally, we were told our only option to have another child was IVF. Upon research, we discovered that a few doctors were having some favorable results actually reversing the Essure procedure. We researched for doctors that had successfully performed Essure reversals, and ultimately chose Dr. Rosenfeld for this complicated reversal. His impeccable reputation as a surgeon, the phone consultation he provided, as well as the kindness and attention his staff gave us helped us to make this difficult decision.

We could not be happier with our results! We became pregnant just four months after the Essure reversal and had our little rainbow baby in June. This beautiful, happy-go-lucky little girl is such a joy to our family and has brought new hope to us. Her brothers dote on her and her always-ready sunshine smile helps us keep our hearts light.

When our Ob/Gyn finished delivering our TR baby via C-section, she looked at the surgery sites where each of my fallopian tubes meet my uterus (where Essure is placed and causes scar tissue) and said the repair looked beautiful and both fallopian tubes were wide open! A testament to a talented surgeon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld and staff. You were an answer to our prayers.

Christi Marchant
Aladdin, Wyoming
(testimonial received via Facebook post)

See Christi’s tubal reversal pregnancy announcement.

The Godoys Announce TR Pregnancy

godoys pregnancy announcement for an August 2023 arrival of their tubal reversal baby after a june 2022 tubal reversal with doctor rosenfeld

Got my tubal reversal surgery June 9th 2022.

Got a positive pregnancy test before Xmas and we are due in August 2023.

Thank you for everything you have done.

I was about to give up and got a big surprise for Xmas!

The Godoys

godoys' positive pregnancy test after a june 2022 tubal reversal with doctor rosenfeld

Tubal Reversal China – Houston Texas Testimonial – Mei Lu

Tubal Reversal China – Houston Texas Testimonial – Mei LuDr. Rosenfeld, because of your skilled hands, now our family has two healthy boys, Mason and Forrest.

I was forced to be sterilized in China due to its birth control policy. After me and my husband came to US, we really wanted to have kids. At first, we tried IVF procedure, but it was not successful. We found you from the website and saw the instruction for this micro-tubal reconstruction procedure. We decided to try again.

The tubal ligation reversal surgery was done perfectly, it also repaired the ugly scar I got in China, even though it’s been 10 years after the sterilization was performed on me. Miraculously, I had my successful tubal ligation reversal pregnancy with my first son Mason just 5 months after the tubal reversal procedure. Our second son Forrest is already 2 years old.

I cannot imagine what our life would be if we did not meet you and get the tubal reversal procedure done by you. We cannot say enough well about you, Dr. Rosenfeld and this life changing tubal ligation reversal surgery.

Mei Lu
From China now in Houston, Texas
Connect with me!

The Maltos from California Announce TR Pregnancy

tubal reversal patient, amanda maltos, announces pregnancy with her ultrasound

I couldn’t have gone to a more caring, informative, and skilled surgeon!

After tying my tubes in 2014, I lost all hope when my husband and I chose to add to the family we blended together.

We traveled across the country [from California] in October and had our reversal!

Our first month trying to conceive we were successful!

We are eternally grateful to Dr. Rosenfeld and his entire staff for giving us the gift of creating a sweet little miracle!

Amanda Maltos


Hello! We just wanted to update you as to our journey to a TR baby.

We came from Southern California to have our reversal done by Dr. Rosenfeld. We had our surgery October 10 and in December (our first cycle trying) we got pregnant.

On August 12 we welcomed our sweet baby, Lincoln. to the world.

He is a true miracle and none of our dreams would have come true without the help of Dr. Rosenfeld and the team!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Amanda Maltos

amanda maltos' tubal reversal baby girl born after microtubal reversal with dr rosenfeld

Shauna R Luna – Casper, Wyoming

Shauna R Luna – Tubal Reversal Casper, WyomingHad my reversal surgery on Feb. 13th, and a positive pregnancy test in September of the same year.

On May 13th gave birth (via C-section) to a healthy baby boy, Abel Joe at 5 lbs 14 oz, 18 1/4 in. Dr. Vignarie [my ob/gyn who delivered my baby] was very impressed with how clean and intact the tubes were from the reversal.

Shauna Luna
Casper, Wyoming

Holly Barry – Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Holly Barry from Pawtucket, Rhode Island shares her ultrasound of her tubal reversal pregnancyDr. Rosenfeld’s team was awesome!!I had my Tubal reversal surgery on 03/17. Thank you, we just found out it’s a boy! J’al Alvira. We are beyond thrilled!! Thanks to your team and the doctor. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. They treated me with respect and compassion. They made my dreams come true! A true miracle worker! God bless and merry Xmas!!!

Holly Barry
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Contact me at

Cheryl Covington’s TR Baby Boy

cheryl covington's tr baby boy

I had my reversal surgery by you, Dr. Rosenfeld, and your awesome staff in November.

My beautiful, healthy son was born October 2.

Thank you.

Cheryl Covington
Atlanta, GA area