Tubal Reversal Patients You Can Contact Directly

These patients of Dr. Rosenfeld have shared their tubal reversal stories and offered their emails so that you may reach out directly to them with your questions.

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Tubal Reversal Review from Rockford, Illinois

I was referred to Dr. Rosenfeld by a friend who had surgery with Dr. Rosenfeld and was successful. Everyone in the office was very helpful. They treated me like family and helped me every single time I called the office with a concern. The day before the surgery, I had a short pre-surgery consultation and…
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picture of Christi Marchant's tr baby she had after her Essure Reversal

Christi Marchant – Essure Reversal Testimonial

Dr. Rosenfeld Performs Successful Essure Reversals Originally, we were told our only option to have another child was IVF. Upon research, we discovered that a few doctors were having some favorable results actually reversing the Essure procedure. We researched for doctors that had successfully performed Essure reversals, and ultimately chose Dr. Rosenfeld for this complicated…
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Tubal Reversal China – Houston Texas Testimonial – Mei Lu

Tubal Reversal China – Houston Texas Testimonial – Mei Lu

Dr. Rosenfeld, because of your skilled hands, now our family has two healthy boys, Mason and Forrest. I was forced to be sterilized in China due to its birth control policy. After me and my husband came to US, we really wanted to have kids. At first, we tried IVF procedure, but it was not…
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Holly Barry from Pawtucket, Rhode Island shares her ultrasound of her tubal reversal pregnancy

Holly Barry – Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Dr. Rosenfeld’s team was awesome!!I had my Tubal reversal surgery on 03/17. Thank you, we just found out it’s a boy! J’al Alvira. We are beyond thrilled!! Thanks to your team and the doctor. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. They treated me with respect and compassion. They made my dreams come true! A…
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bottom of the feet of a tubal reversal baby born to marylee saenz hernandez after tubal reversal with doctor bernanrd rosenfeld

Marylee Hernandez’s Tubal Reversal Experience

Dr Rosenfeld is the #1 rated doctor and is so knowledgeable in what he is doing. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for my tubal reversal. My tubal reversal was March 17, 2022. My experience was the best. The nurses and doctor were so hands-on with everything. And I love that they made my experience…
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Tubal Reversal baby from Ivy Lloyd of Alaska

Tubal Reversal Alaska – Ivy Lloyd

We found Dr. Rosenfeld online and could not be happier that we did. After our consultation at his office, we felt very accommodated and reassured by his words. He did a fantastic job and made the scar very tiny. It took us only six months to conceive and we are forever thankful! The On-Q pain…
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Tubal Reversal patient from Hawaii gives dr. rosenfeld thumbs up for his practicea

Tubal Reversal Honolulu Hawaii – Christine Schutte

My tubal reversal experience was great! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend the On-Q pain pump; it was awesome! I was out and about that day. I recommend Dr. Rosenfeld and his office to anyone and it was such a great experience! Thank you. Christine Schutte Honolulu, Hawaii Contact me at Cschutte1@aol.com.
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beautiful tubal reversal baby girl of katie hawkins of moscow idaho

Katie Hawkins – Moscow, Idaho

Dear Dr. Rosenfeld & Staff, After many, many months of research, my husband and I traveled to Houston to see you for a tubal reversal. My reversal was done in November. My husband and I weren’t looking to add to our family at that time, we just wanted to have the ability to do so…
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essure removal testimonial one familys story

Essure Tubal Reversal Testimonial | Aladdin, Wyoming

Dear Dr. Rosenfeld and Staff, My husband and I are from Aladdin, WY. In January, our third child, a beautiful baby girl, was born perfect and healthy. We couldn’t have been happier; our family of five felt perfect and complete. A few months down the road, as we were considering birth control options, the doctor…
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