Dr. Rosenfeld Offers Second Chance at Motherhood

beautiful baby girl born 3 years after tubal reversal gave bridget smith of lumberton texas a second chance at motherhoodAfter having my reversal, I immediately went to tracking ovulation. The second month of trying I suffered a miscarriage. In Nov. 2017, I again suffered another miscarriage at 7 weeks. After 3 years, in July 2018, I finally said I give up. Figured it would never happen for me. I stopped tracking everything.

I was planning our vacation for 2019 in August of 2018 and figured I would wait until after my period came to book our trip. Low and behold on August 24, I took a pregnancy test figuring it would be negative, but it wasn’t. It was POSITIVE!!

A month ago I gave birth to my first beautiful baby girl, Vashti Smith! Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld, for giving my family and me a second chance at motherhood!

Bridget Smith
Lumberton, TX
Email me at live4him97@att.net.