Jamie Jackson – Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Announcement

40-year-old mom-to-be, jamie jackson shares the ultrasound of her tubal reversal baby from september 2018

From September Facebook Post:

I had my tubal reversal in December 2017. I turned 40 in April 2018.

I was blessed with my pregnancy in June 2018! So happy with our experience!!

Jamie Jackson
Katy, TX

jamie jackson poses with her older kids at the seashore to show off her pregnanacy
joanna james ackson is a tubal reversal baby born february 1 2019 after her mother had tubal reversal surgery december 2017

UPDATE – February Facebook Post:

We welcomed Joanna James today, 2/1/19!! We had our reversal in Dec 2017!

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld!!!

Jamie Jackson
Katy, TX

jamie jackson's tubal reversal baby born february 1 2019 after her december 2017 tubal reversal surgery
jamie jackson's toddler born after tubal reversal

UPDATE – May 2020 Facebook Post:

Tubes tied after our son 2/11/05.

TR 12/2017 at 39.

Beautiful baby girl born 2/1/19 at 40!!

So excited. Thankful for Dr. Rosenfeld & team!!!

Jamie Jackson
Katy, TX