Tubal Reversal New Mexico Testimonial – Kari Martin

ultrasound of the first tubal reversal baby due to the martins of lovington new mexicoGod definitely had his hands on the process of my tubal reversal surgery. I’m very happy with the surgery and its success, everything and everyone was wonderful. I was nervous that it worked so fast.

I had my tubal ligation reversal surgery 03/22/12 and found out I was pregnant on 05/04/12. I’m now 6 months into my successful tubal reversal pregnancy and I tell everybody about Dr. Rosenfeld including my own Ob/Gyn.

I will love to share my story and I welcome any emails from prospective tubal ligation reversal patients or doctors. Love my tubal reversal.

UPDATE February 2013:  I have a beautiful TR baby boy now.

Thank you,
Todd & Kari Martin
Lovington, New Mexico
Contact us at Karid8070@gmail.com.