Michelle Gamez – Tubal Reversal Testimonial Houston, Texas

Pain Management:  On-Q Pain Pump

Did you feel pain after the surgery? None

How did your scar look and feel after the surgery? The scar looked good and and there was no pain after surgery.

What is the name of your baby? Angel Gamez

How much did the baby weigh? 7 lbs, 13 oz

Sex of the baby: Male

Is your baby cute? Of course!

I never thought I would have another baby, Finding Dr. Rosenfeld was the best thing to happen to us. Me and my husband had 7 kids together (me 4 & him 3). We had our son together, that makes 8, and he truly is amazing. He is the light of our family.

We were truly BLESSED to find Dr. Rosenfeld.

Michelle Gamez
Houston, TX
E-mail me at mgamez01@comcast.net.

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