Tubal Reversal Odessa, Texas – Alma Marceleno

tubal reversal twins

It’s such a great day for great news!

Thank you, Doctor Rosenfeld and staff, for such a BIG MIRACLE and making it come true!

I had my tubal reversal surgery done on June 18, 2013 and i am currently 6 weeks pregnant with twins ? ?

Thank you so much,

Alma Marceleno
Odessa, Texas

UPDATE 2014: They are here!  See picture.

UPDATE from Facebook, July 2020:

Just sharing exciting news…🙂 5 years later after having my Tubal Reversal #1 twin boys in 2014.

I found out in October 2019 that I was pregnant with Tubal Reversal #2.

June 12, 2020, I delivered a beautiful baby girl. Say hello To Miss Avalee Justeen Marceleno.

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld and staff. You are a miracle and completed my family!

Alma & Terry Marceleno
Odessa, Texas

collage of images of alma marceleno's tr baby girl