Beatrice Balderas – Round Rock, Texas

Beatrice Balderas – Tubal Reversal Round Rock, Texas I was shocked that happened because I’ve had my tubes tied for 17 years and had my reversal just in March of 2011. It is now November 2011, and I am 17 weeks pregnant! Everything is good now and Dr. Rosenfeld is very, very sweet. He talked to me and comforted my husband and I after surgery and told us that everything was okay. The On-Q pain pump also helped a lot with the pain.

Thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld!

Beatrice Balderas
Round Rock, Texas

Tubal Reversal Baby Update!

I just wanted to say, “thank you very much” I was blessed my beautiful baby girl after having my surgery and I loved how sweet and great everyone was

Beatrice Balderas