Tubal Reversal – Georgina Lopez – Dayton, Texas

Tubal Reversal baby named justin born to Georgina Lopez of Dayton, Texas I am very happy with the decision to have my tubal reversal. Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff are very helpful and make you feel at ease. The whole experience was GREAT & not to mention affordable, considering I did not have a lot of funds to do this. I had checked with other doctors’ prices before hearing of Dr. Rosenfeld and thought that their prices were extremely high, more than double what Dr. Rosenfeld charges. I recommend his services to other people who really desire to become pregnant again.

I had the tubal reversal surgery done July 20 and became pregnant August 27. I had Justin May 19, 2011. Talk about fast results.

Thank you again I can’t imagine not having my beautiful baby boy. Thank you!

Georgina Lopez
Dayton, TX
Email me at lopezg0118@yahoo.com.

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