Tubal Reversal Twins

Read tubal reversal stories from Dr. Rosenfeld’s patients who had tubal reversal twins.


Melanie Wade-Doty and her 2 tubal reversal babies

Tubal Reversal Kentucky Testimonial – Melanie Wade-Doty

Dr. Rosenfeld’s cost is well under every other tubal ligation reversal doctor I have researched over the last 10 years. By the grace of God and a great doctor, my tubal ligation reversal worked. I now have 5 children, and three of those are tubal reversal babies….we got a set of twins!!! Melanie Wade-Doty Tubal…
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twins born after tubal reversal with dr rosenfeld

Natasha Shultz Twins after Tubal Reversal!

Dr. Rosenfeld did my surgery October 19, 2018. And I was pregnant with my twins 6 weeks later! Thank y’all for everything! Weston and Wyatt were born 7/8/19. We are truly blessed. Natasha Shultz Hallsville, TX UPDATE FACEBOOK COMMENT, JUNE 2022: After Dr. Rosenfeld did my surgery I conceived 6 weeks later with my twins…
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jorge quiñones shares a picture of his tubal reversal twins from trinidad colorado

Our Tubal Reversal Twins | Jorge Quiñones

From Facebook Messenger: Our tubal reversal surgery was in April of 2015. Our twins, Cristiano and Caidee, were born on November 5, 2016. Here is a picture of them loving the tall grass. Jorge Quiñones Trinidad, CO
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Sandra hopes of houston tx shares her tubal reversal twins

Sandra Hopes – Houston, Texas

Dr. Rosenfeld is very patient and he came to visit me a lot after surgery. The staff is great and did follow-up; called me to make sure I was okay.  It was very worth every penny and I’m beyond glad I did it.  I was blessed with beautiful healthy TWINS from the surgery! Sandra Hopes Houston,…
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Olivia Medrano's Tubal Reversal twins

Tubal Reversal Houston Texas Testimonial – Olivia Medrano

My tubal reversal with Dr. Rosenfeld was good, painless and quick! I was comfortable with Dr. Rosenfeld and he always told me what I needed to know. The staff was great, and I had no problems.  The On-Q pain pump* was a miracle worker, no pain!! Six months after my surgery I was pregnant with twins.…
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Tubal Reversal twins at age 4

Tubal Reversal Twins Testimonial – Anna Robles Romero

I thank Dr. Rosenfeld for my two miracles that were conceived after the reversal. They are going on 4 yrs next February. I know I am grateful everyday for the skill and the dedication Dr. Rosenfeld has shown for me and for so many other women. Thank you so much for bringing hope and miracles to so many…
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twins born after Shemise Michael's tubal reversal surgery

Tubal Reversal Babies – Shemise Michael – Houston, Texas

It’s twins!! After already having two kids and a tubal ligation, I was set on not having additional kids, but later I got married and my husband did not have any children. Knowing I had gotten my tubes tied was scary because I didn’t know if they were repairable or how much had been cut…
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newborn tubal reversal twins in blanket

Kimberly Manuel – Kerrville, Texas

My experience with Dr. Rosenfeld was great and the job got done more than great! Dr. Rosenfeld was wonderful and his staff is so sweet, I loved them. The On-Q pump* helped me a lot and I was back on my feet quickly. Dr. Rosenfeld said I would have an 80% chance to get pregnant…
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tubal reversal twins

Tubal Reversal Odessa, Texas – Alma Marceleno

It’s such a great day for great news! Thank you, Doctor Rosenfeld and staff, for such a BIG MIRACLE and making it come true! I had my tubal reversal surgery done on June 18, 2013 and i am currently 6 weeks pregnant with twins ? ? Thank you so much, Alma Marceleno Odessa, Texas UPDATE 2014: They…
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patricia ashley announces birth of her tubal reversal twins born 1 year after her tubal reversal surgery

Patricia Ashley Has TR Twins!

Love Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff. Had my tubal reversal August 2016, my twins were born September 2017. Patricia Ashley San Antonio, TX Email me at pcash6@icloud.com.
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