November 25, 2017


Travonya McBride – Tubal Reversal from Dallas, Texas

Last updated : 29 August 2017

I cannot thank Dr. Rosenfeld and his team enough for giving me and my family a second chance on having a baby. Dr. Rosenfeld team is awesome. I became pregnant in July 2016 after my reversal in April 2016. Had to have surgery in August 2016 because it was a tubal pregnancy. Was pregnant again in October and this time God blessed us with a little girl (Kennedy Cudjoe) in June 13th, 2017.

Ladies don’t ever think that because your tubes are tied there is no hope because there is and Dr. Rosenfeld and his team proved it to me. Their price is affordable and they don’t have hidden fees like most places I called. Thank you guys so much.

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Tamara Walker – Dallas, Texas Tubal Reversal

Last updated : 5 July 2017

Well let’s just say….. Surgery Feb 2012 and four babies later. I think I’m throwing the towel in…lol…This one Tube is in OVER DRIVE!!! Delivered 4th baby 12/01/2016 …I’M A VIP MEMBER/REGULAR ON THE DR. ROSENFELD TEAM. Every day I see these babies I want to RUN..HA! All the crying, singing my name 20 hours a day…

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Tubal Reversal baby – Theresa Martinez from Dallas, TX

Christabelle Elise Salgado was born 33wks 3lbs 7oz 012215. I had my tubal reversal after having them tied since 1998. At age 35 wanted to have a child with the love of my life. After the surgery I found out I had 4cm on left and 6 on the right tube. My records we destroyed as they were over 10yrs old. Surgery was my only option. He did advised me it could take up to a year if I was going to conceive and guess what, exactly one year to the day my beautiful child was conceived. Dr. Rosenfeld is a God send. Thank you to him and the staff for helping God in this miracle. We love her bunches.

Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1500

Last updated : 1 December 2014


Thank you so much Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld, tubal reversal specialist, and your staff for helping me and my husband be able to have a beautiful baby. She is 2 weeks old and we love her so much. There are no words to describe how excited we were when we found out we were pregnant right after the surgery, and not only us but everyone in our family.

Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1501

Last updated : 1 December 2014

I’m 38 and had my tubal reversal last year on 03-19-2012. We came from Dallas. It was fast and smooth! I was very sick when I came in and the nurse gave me medicine over the weekend and I rested. That Monday I was better, I went in and the procedure was over and very easy. I got pregnant 4 months later, M/C but I was under a lot of stress my granddaughter was born! Now I’m pregnant again; 10 weeks and 6 days. My doctor says everything looks good with a strong heartbeat. I even heard it on the Doppler. Thanks, Dr. Rosenfeld and staff. You truly know your work. Just be patient and don’t let anybody tell you different!!!!!


Great doctor, very honest. I love the fact he will ask you if something is OK if he runs into a problem. I’m 38 and had my tubal ligation 16 years ago with clamps. He looked over my report and I was accepted. I had surgery March 19th 2012 I was pregnant with only one tube in July of 2012. Thats only 4 months later. I lost that baby I was under a lot of stress my 20 year old daughter baby was in NIC for two weeks and she passed on my birthday and I had a miscarriage the same day. I called Dr R.’s office every time I had a thought. They were so kind and would always call me back even months after my surgery. Long story I had two chemicals and was told I my eggs were old. LOL. I changed doctors. He ran tests and everything was normal. He gave me tips and now I’m 14 weeks pregnant. Dr. Rosenfeld is great. He will not just take your money and leave you with false hopes. GO FOR IT! Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old. I believe he would not have accepted me if he felt the same.



Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1502

Last updated : 1 December 2014

I had my tubal reversal done on July 18, 2012, Now I am now 7 weeks pregnant! I had a sonogram done last Friday and everything looks good. We heard my baby’s heartbeat! I want to thank you all for such a wonderful job you all do, but especially I want to thank Dr. Rosenfeld for helping us make our wish come true. Thank you!!

Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1503

Last updated : 1 December 2014

Everything at this doctor’s office was great! Dr. Rosenfeld was very nice, pleasant, and explained everything. His staff was great, helpful, and so courteous! My experience was awesome and the pain pump helped!

Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1504

Last updated : 2 December 2014

Tubal reversal experience was very easy. Dr. Rosenfeld performed my procedure in June of 2009 and had no complications. I was pregnant 3 months later. Dr. Rosenfeld is very knowledgeable and easy person, his staff is super friendly and they kept in contact with me. The pain pump is excellent, there was n0 pain what so ever. This is Gabrielle Nicole Williams. She was born on May 3, 2010, on my birthday, that was the best birthday ever!!!!! I’m currently pregnant with my second tubal reversal baby and would like to thank Dr. Rosenfeld and his wonderful staff for making our dream come true.

Vasha Johnson-Williams – Dallas, Texas


Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1505

Last updated : 2 December 2016

I am writing to thank you for the role you played in bringing my beautiful daughter, Sydney, into the world on 6/9/2009. My tubal ligation reversal surgery went well. Dr. Rosenfeld and the nurses explained step-by-step what was going to take place. I was pregnant within three months from being released from post-care. I never thought I would want any more children after my first two children, who are teenagers. But, we can’t always predict how circumstances or how our minds will change.  My pregnancy was normal like my two previous pregnancies.

Don’t look any further. This is the doctor you need to perform your tubal reversal procedure. I have heard stories of people going other places and then having to go somewhere else because the first doctor didn’t do a good job.  Dr. Rosenfeld puts dye through your tubes to make sure they are open after surgery, not all doctors do that. Isn’t that IMPORTANT?!!!!! If dye can’t go through the tubes, how can anything else go through in order to get pregnant?

I am still overwhelmed that a simple surgical procedure brought Sydney into our lives. Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were so kind, helpful – and actually care how I am doing. We will be trying again later this year for our second tubal reversal baby!!!! Can’t wait.

Thanks Dr. Rosenfeld -you are truly a Blessing.

Tamekia & Christopher Rayson – Dallas, Texas

Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1506

Last updated : 5 July 2017

Only four months after having Dr. Rosenfeld untie my tubes, I got pregnant. My husband and I were so happy and grateful that this simple surgery could make all of our dreams come true. The surgery itself went very well and I did not experience much pain because of the On-Q Pain Pump (every woman should have the Pain Pump after her operation). My husband was able to take the pump out once we were home and I was up and around only two days after the surgery. I even had an easy pregnancy and now we have a wonderful little boy. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenfeld if you are looking for a doctor to do your tubal reversal. His staff are all very sweet and they are with you every step of the way. Thank you so so so much, Dr. Rosenfeld, for helping us to bring our handsome boy into the world.

Victoria Summers – Glen Rose, Texas

Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1507

Last updated : 2 December 2014

My experience with Dr. Rosenfeld was great.  He had a better percentage [of pregnancies after tubal reversal] than other doctors and other doctors told me the reconstruction of my tubes was not possible! Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were great and the pain pump really helped! I was back to regular activities within 4 days!

Connie Briseno – Dallas, Texas