Patient Gives Birth at 41 After a Tubal Reversal

Patient Gives Birth at 41 After a Tubal ReversalTestimonial from one of our patients from Pearland, Texas, who got her tubal reversal at 40. A age 41, she delivered her baby boy!!!

I had my tubes tied after my last birth in 1996, and I remarried. My husband didn’t have any children and wanted dearly to have a child. I thought because I had my tubes tied and because of my age, being 40, that I had no chance.

I spoke with Dr. Rosenfeld and he said there was a chance if I did the reversal. I did my reversal in August of 2012 and I am now beyond happy to say that I delivered my baby boy on December 25, 2013. Dr. Rosenfeld clearly did a great job, and I had no pain after surgery.

I truly recommend Dr. Rosenfeld if you do decide to have your tubal reversal surgery, he would be the perfect choice! Thanks you!! Please feel free to personally email me with any questions. He is the doctor you’re looking for.

Patricia Acevedo
Pearland, TX
Email me at

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