Juanita Guerrero Zapata – Tubal Reversal from Lufkin, Texas

first day of school picture for 2 tubal reversal babies now in schoolMy tubal reversal babies’ first day of school. Had my surgery in 2008, have 2 babies and my tubal reversal baby #3 is arriving on October 9th via Cesarean section.

juanita guerrero zapata's 3 tubal reversal babies on valentines day

Thanks, Dr. Rosenfeld, for my 3 blessings.

Juanita Guerrero Zapata
Lufkin, TX
Email me at cisco.zapata@yahoo.com.


UPDATE Valentine’s Day picture sharing on February 14, 2018 from Facebook:

My 3 tubal reversal babies  (pictured at right): Cruz, 8; Zoe, 5; and baby Jesús, 4 months.


juanita zapata's third tubal reversal baby turned 1 year oldUPDATE Facebook message, October 2018:

Wanted to show a picture of my TR baby number 3. He turned one year 10-9 -2018.

Juanita Zapata


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